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Alternatives for Out-of-Control Kids-?

thThe United States needs help in the area of affordable healthcare, however, as many adoptive parents realize, there’s another huge problem lurking underneath the surface, threatening to blow-up as adoptive children reach their teen years. 

International adoptions hit their peak about a decade ago.  Many of those kids were adopted as babies or toddlers.  A lot are now reaching adolescence and mental health issues may be coming to the forefront, either as a result of their past, or due to their genes.  Yet, where does a parent turn when normal counseling and therapy no longer help?

I’ve talked with parents all over the globe, and, while every country is different, one thing is for sure:  whenangry-with-teenteen-counseling-300x199 you need real help, there are very few places to which you may turn.  What do I mean by saying a family needs “real help”?  I would say that refers to any dangerous scenario.

The child attacks you or hurts himself.  The child kills family pets or pushes a sibling down the steps.  The child cuts or self-mutilates.  The child runs away (which, by the way, is against the law in most areas).  The child is wild with drugs, sex, or alcohol (also illegal according to age).  The child steals your money, credit cards, and possibly the family car.  So whaddaya gonna do?

teenmentalhealth-e13802281612641.  Call the police.

2.  Call the hospital psych unit.

3.  Call Child Welfare for family intervention and support (usually covering ages 12-17).

4.  Call Juvenile Court to file a petition for a Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) order.

6.  Call a residential treatment facility.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the above takes time.  And the larger and older your son or teensdaughter, the more difficult it is to restrain and/or control him.  While of course, several of the above are quite costly, with monthly costs possibly approximating or exceeding your monthly salary.

What to do?  What to do?

This is reality for many parents who literally have nowhere to turn.



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