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Americans Traveling Abroad in 2016?

AMERICAN-TOURISTSI didn’t see any. Really not any at all, come to think of it. Not in Russia, not in Israel. This was early June, so maybe kids are just getting out of school. Saw a good group from a couple of American universities digging on an archaeological excavation, but beyond that— at tourist sites, at supermarkets, outside of hotels, on airplanes, we truly did not spot one.

What does this mean? Are these stats skewed?

Possibly. It could be that Americans are learning to fit in to foreign settings more. That’s positive. You americansknow, not talking loudly, not hanging out at fast-food places, not wearing the Hawaiian shirt and white sneakers. On the other hand, it may be that I don’t visit the same places that your average tourist does on a first-time trip.

But I do walk past them. I still didn’t see any.

Some have suggested that those with a tendency toward “ugly American” behavior instead say that they are Canadian. I’m sure that our northern neighbors appreciate that. It still doesn’t give license to act oddly.

thLocals asked me about where the Americans were, coming apparently only in dribs and drabs. The dollar was strong against most other currencies, so what was the problem?

Generally, most tour prices are set in dollars— airfare, accommodations, rental car or tour bus. Few wait until they arrive somewhere to reserve or to pay. And even then, prices can be based on the dollar. Also, if you exchange say your dollars to rubles, you will not receive 66 rubles to the dollar, but you will buy rubles at about 57 rubles to the dollar, so where’s the big bonus?

Times are tough, the economy is still not great. Americans are staying closer to home and it’s a great time

businessman at the airport

to visit sites like Washington, DC, Myrtle Beach, SC, the Grand Canyon, and points west.

Business travel will always be with us, although by the looks of it, that’s been curtailed enormously to foreign fields, as well. But for the leisure traveler, if traveling abroad, try to blend in and avoid crowds. Speak quietly and learn at least a few words in the foreign language— hello, goodbye, please, thank you, do you speak English?

You should be good to go and the added boon is that you might not meet your next-door neighbor over that cafe au lait in Paris.


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