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An Anniversary to Remember

Anniv_wlppr_1024_768Around and around I walked in the greeting card aisle of a store, finally determining that the anniversary cards were a tiny section where another woman stood, perusing them.

“Pardon me,” I remarked, “but would you happen to be in the anniversary section?”

“Yes, there’s not that many…” she commented.

“I see, it’s almost as though they don’t expect couples to be thcelebrating any anniversaries…” I fell to my knees to get a better look, but it might have been a posture of prayer, for that matter.

I felt fortunate, blessed, highly favored, you name it, to have made it to our 36th anniversary. We were not dead nor divorced, but we’ve weathered many other near-disasters over the decades. Our faith, family, and friends have seen us through.

1339508588image-2Benedetto and I met while working in archaeology outside of Jerusalem. Our life together has spanned continents, countries, and various careers. We were enjoying life so much that we waited 25 years later to consider bringing children into the mix.

And here we are, still going strong. On a busy schedule, we made time to celebrate with dinner on the town. Nice. Delicious. Fun. We snapped a selfie or two in our secluded corner. Lots to talk about, even without a walk down memory lane.

Here’s to similar happiness for you and yours!


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