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An Apres-Rain Stroll with the Scotties

IMG_4704It’s been rough with the non-stop, monsoon rains. So as soon as everything lightened up, our Scottish Terriers jumped at the opportunity to go outside. All appeared lush and green, even if not that autumnal just yet.

I’ve been trying to train the kids to train the dogs. Problem is, they don’t always understand or remember their instructions… in order to then instruct Misha and Grisha.

“Walk them on the left!” I call out. “The other left!”IMG_4705

Pasha, our second son, has trouble handling the two of them. With four teens, the dogs are usually walked with one handler each. They should be heeling, on the left side. He doesn’t understand the idea of holding two leashes in one hand. So he separates one leash in each hand, yet tries to keep them walking on his right side.


At last, he listens to my calls for the left side and tries to transfer Misha to his left. Grisha, the little guy, is on the right. Now Pasha is being pulled limb from limb as the dogs head in opposite directions.

Naturally, they need to sniff any stray leaf in the IMG_4708environs, just to ensure that we’re all protected, safe and sound. Then they must mark their territory. Rinse and repeat.

I love these guys.


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