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An Autumn Doggy Walk

IMG_0688Misha and Grisha, our Scottish Terriers with the Russian names, love this time of year. The crisp air and brisk wind must remind them of their genetically-native Scotland. They’ve invited you to join them as they remember a recent constitutional out-and-about.

It was a usual day, the two of them appearing suspicious and simply too innocent-looking on the oriental carpet. Hmmm… they obviously have adventure simmering and energy to burn under those bushy Scottie eyebrows. So, out we go for a turn on the town.

In the beginning, they have difficulty getting in sync with each IMG_0626other. Misha wants to walk one way, while Grisha heads in the exact, opposite direction. Their leashes criss-cross and everyone is tangled.

Then, they fall in line.

“You want us to head this way? Okay, fine,” the two begin to turn in the right direction.

IMG_0621Misha turns around, having second thoughts, as though maybe he gave up some of his alpha-dog power too soon.

“What? Are you looking at me?” he wonders.

But I tempt him with the idea of window-shopping, one of his favorite activities. He and Grisha and I find a dog shop, complete with a bowl of water that Grisha IMG_0649swoops upon, while Misha checks things out. It appears that the two of them meet with another dog, but instead, we learn that he’s a toy tucked behind the white picket fence. They are mesmerized.

All too soon, our walk is over. They climb into the SUV and collapse on the first person available, who happens to be Pasha, our 17-year-old, also konked out from a long day.

IMG_0617What could be better than a long autumn walk, followed by a long autumn nap?


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