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An Earthquake in DC-?

It’s true, it happened at 1:53 pm.  Focused on central Virginia, we had just returned from a morning trip there, running errands.  Our kids were doing their schoolwork, Benedetto was Skyping, I was upstairs on the computer when… our rather large house started hopping, skipping, and shuddering-!

Pictures rattled on the walls, it must have lasted a full 30 seconds with furniture seriously vibrating.  I honestly thought the house might fall down, or that a plane had crashed nearby-?  In shock, I realized I had to check on everyone, and ran down the shaking steps.  My husband had already commandeered the children and herded them, and the dogs, outside.  I followed quickly on their heels, going out toward the street, streams of neighbors joining us in the process.

Everyone was taking a few last days of vacation as school would be starting.  We called out to each other and gathered on the sidewalks.

“Is this California?!” I shouted across the street.

“I thought it was our airconditioner exploding or something!” our neighbor called back.

An older couple next door joined us in marveling.

We were already preparing to take extra supplies with us to the south early tomorrow morning to the dacha.  Nobody knew where the upcoming hurricane was scheduled to hit, but the Carolinas did not look good.  Probably by the time we would arrive, food and water would be hard to find in the stores.  We had some canned food, crank flashlight, bottled water.  I prayed that we would not get there and then face  immediate evacuation orders.  On top of it all, we had a famous friend flying in for the weekend.  All we can do, will be all we can do….

The news of Hurricane Irene’s lightning striking and burning to the ground Sir Richard Branson’s magnificent home in the Bahamas started my day.  His philosophy was so beautiful to be thankful that no one was hurt, and to focus on what was most important in life.

I thought of those on the other end of the economic spectrum, those still living in tent cities in Haiti, for example, after their own earthquake and not needing any monsoon rains or high winds, that’s for sure.  They also focused on being alive and having survived difficult times.  That’s what mattered.

The ones we love are still with us.  In our case, with an older home nearing the century mark, I don’t know that we would notice any new cracks, but so far, it appeared that there was no damage.  The dogs were shaking, the children did not seem to be shaken-up, but we prayed together and gave thanks that all was well.

We had just bought a large cake for a friend who received a fantastic opportunity to work abroad, planning a little party for him tonight….   Serious stuff, frivolous fluff, it’s all the fabric of life, the dark patches woven next to the light spots.

Take time to focus on your friends and family.  Hold them tight.  Be safe, be well.  You are being watched-over and that’s cause for gratefulness.  What a time to read Psalm 91 and realize that the Lord is with us… and He’s enough to handle any situation.




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  1. avatar Steph B says:

    Glad everyone is okay.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Steph, by tonight there were traffic lights that were out, bridges that were closed, the other bridges gridlocked with rush-hour traffic…. Hardly anyone could get anywhere after work as they evacuated many downtown areas. But we are all safe and sound, and so thankful! 🙂

  2. avatar Kathleen says:

    So glad you are all safe.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Kathleen, now we’re just praying that DC not get hit again with this hurricane (as well as the rest of the East Coast)! The Washington Monument has been damaged, as have other structures. For anyone POSSIBLY near upcoming winds later this week up and down the East Coast, remember to bring inside flower pots, lawn furniture, toys, garden hoses–anything that might become a projectile.

      Gather enough non-perishable food (usually canned goods with a manual can opener) and water to last at least 3 days, if not longer. Some harder fruits and vegetables can last a while– apples, carrots, etc., and require no cooking. Granola bars are good, as are crackers and peanut butter, canned tuna. Stock up on extra ice to place in your refrigerator and freezer if the power goes out. Fill bathtubs with water to take out by cupful and use for brushing teeth, washing hands and face, and a small bucketful to “flush” the toilet.

      A battery-operated (or hand-crank battery-free) radio, flashlight or lantern, can be helpful. Be safe, everyone, but PREPARE NOW. Later in the week, supplies may be gone.

  3. avatar Sybil says:

    So glad to know you are all well. Earthquakes can be so scary. Yes, they certainly are a reminder of how fast everything can change and how little control we have when a natural disaster occurs.

    • avatar admin says:

      You’re right, Sybil, and let’s hope that there’s no double-whammy in store for the NE this weekend with the expected hurricane. Our economy doesn’t need any disaster….

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