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An Intentional Lack of Style Identity


Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

I have style, plenty of it. But recently, I’ve been thinking about my schizo style personality. All over the board.

I’ve never met a style I didn’t like.

Not that I would wear them all if it’s say, skimpy or grungy…. On the other hand, I women-winter-casual-fashion-in-2014could flip from preppy or professional/executive to bohemian or Euro-chic. It doesn’t much matter.

It all depends on the setting and circumstance and I change speeds and scenarios many times a day. So where is my style identity? Can a woman have a style that screams “personally eclectic”?

Does it say something about me? Do I have a fear of commitment to a particular clothing style, lol?

1257I consider if this happens in other areas of my life. Yes, I enjoy various cuisines from Indian to Afghanistani and furniture styles from antiques to modern. Maybe it’s across the board, perhaps I have no sense of self?

Or maybe I’m just larger-than-life with a joie de vivre that cannot be limited to one particular taste?


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