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An Overworked Brain and the Lure of Stupidity

careerThere’s a lot to be said for being stupid. Ask some of my kids. Ask them anything.

“I dunno.”

“Have no idea.”

“I don’t remember.”

It’s the path of least resistance. If you’re stupid, you’re off the hook, under wasting-timethe radar, off the grid.

Homework? What homework?

Well, you often become like those with whom you associate. I’m busy trying to disassociate myself from my kids. I have loads of research looming before me with deadlines that are conspiring to bump me off, after all, they’re called DEADlines for a reason, so when I can carve out a few minutes to focus, it’s important to seize the day, if not seize the seconds.

LibraryThat’s when stupid things start to call: obscure internet news, marketing opportunities, follow-up phone messages or e-mails, something with the kids flipping out. It requires all of my strength to focus and keep moving forward because my brain is so tired.

At a time like this, text messages stretch from two to twenty. Marathon TV programs take on a new allure. No matter that it’s all dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

Suddenly, I understand the allure of stupidity. Pretty dumb, huh?



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