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Analyzing Dog Poop

scottieThis is what my life has come to, analyzing pet poop. One of our little Scotties seems to have a problem, he whines and cries and can’t seem to get comfortable. Usually, it’s when the rest of the family is out, so I think he’s depressed and moping around. But if I ask if he wants to go out, he shoots toward the door.

Once outside, he behaves as though he doesn’t have a care in the world. He sniffs here or there, lifts a leg to tinkle and eventually sits down on the grass to enjoy the breeze. When I give him enough time, he then gets up, sniffs some more and poops. Yesterday, it appeared black and tar-like.

I thought he had ingested something hard and rubbery. So there I am, looking for a stick in the yard. I poke the poop (oh yes, I did), just to make sure it’s not some foreign object.

It’s not. (I know I just made your day by sharing that.) However, I’m still concerned. Black generally points to bleeding in the stomach or small scottie2intestines. So naturally, I started investigating and researching and came to learn about the four Cs of dog excrement. Up till this time, I only knew about the four Cs of diamonds (color, cut, clarity and carat)-!

How the mighty are fallen.

Anyways, the color, consistency, coating and contents of your dog’s poo-poo provides a window into your pet’s health. There are charts online listing what each mean and naturally, chocolate brown is ideal. Anything else is not good. This comes from the folks at Ped MD: http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/digestive/c_dg_melena:

Red streaks may indicate bleeding low in the GI tract. Green might mean he’s eating grass when his tummy is upset. A yellowish color could point to issues in the dog’s liver, gallbladder or pancreas. Black could be due to bleeding in the stomach or low intestines. White may be from worms.

scottie3Delightful. To me, this is scary stuff, so I’m going to be monitoring this closely, you can be sure of that.

Next on the analysis checklist is the Stool Scale. Most of us pet owners are familiar with the shape and consistency of a healthy dog stool, from hard pellets to formless puddles. Diarrhea could dehydrate a dog and cause death, meaning it’s definitely something to monitor, but for now, it’s the color that concerns me.

Here’s hoping it’s just a passing thing. I’m praying for you, Grisha, that all would be well.


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