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And the Answer is… Da-!

If you will indulge me yet another update on Petya, our jewel-in-the-crown fifteeen-year-old.  HE GOT THE JOB!  No, not the original volunteer job, but SEVERAL, each better than the next.  Just when he was wondering if there was anything approximating an actual position worth smiling about, some doors started opening.  Talk about blessing:

1.  A local archaeology museum wishes for him to solve a problem regarding the Civil War.  It’s a feature that they have personally studied for years and come up dry on.  It requires further research for which the Ph.D.s don’t have time.  Would he like to take on the project?

Benedetto and I stare at each other, incredulous.  This is the stuff which grad students dream of, their own little niche, the opportunity to uncover something and make a major contribution, albeit in a minor way.  And our fifteen-year-old will be heading it up, lol.

The first day, dozens of e-mails are sent out, making inquiries for leads from top researchers in Civil War work.  He’s now following the trail to the Crimean War, and researching in French and in Russian, because there appears to be a connection between this certain technology used in the Crimean War, and then utilized during the US Civil War.  We spend our days and nights brainstorming with him.  A hot lead suggests The National Archives to read Quartermaster correspondence from back in the day.

2.  A well-known educational organization highlighting various aspects of American history asks for his collaboration on one of their latest books.  He will type word documents from their earlier manuscript, while getting to know major and minor figures from our past.  He’s again piloting the entire project.  Almost unbelievable, if you were not a believer.

3.  An archaeological society has invited him to do various jobs during his limited window of opportunity, now down to one afternoon per week.  They commented that his timing is perfect as one of their staff just left and he will likely need to do research at The Library of Congress.

“Mama, I have an office with a window and a leather chair!” he enthuses.

I wonder if I should send a potted plant with him….

Absolutely beyond his wildest expectations.

4.  He has become the assistant tennis coach, teaching young people his favorite sport.  The kids say that their sessions are more like boot camp since he joined the team.  Hmmm… wonder who he gets that from?

If we structure it right, the young man should have time for his regular high school studies, his college classes, and his regular volunteer work.  There’s a lot that can be accomplished in 25-hour days, I always say.

So he sent out four “resumes” (if a 15-year-old has such a thing), and received three volunteer positions.  He sent thank you notes to all via e-mail, and the tennis was a walk-on deal since they all know his abilities there.  Not a bad track record, maybe he’ll start giving “How to Get a Job” seminars, only he should charge for them after all of this volunteerism-!

Meanwhile, he can’t stop smiling from ear-to-ear.  I take him to Starbucks for a celebratory pumpkin steamer (just milk with flavoring).  Life is good.




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  1. avatar meant2be says:

    Big congrats! You must be SO proud :O)

    • avatar admin says:

      We are proud of him, meant2be, while trying to balance his accomplishments with the others. He’s a great role model and the other kids vascillate between admiration and jealousy. They’ve told him how proud they are, too, of all that he’s accomplished. We tell them he’s paving the way for them. I must one day recount the amazing story about how we were led to him in Russia….

  2. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    HOW did he grow up so much, so fast? Pozdravlyayu, Petya! i Mama i Papa, konechno!

    • avatar admin says:

      Spasibah, Gwendolyn! Our 2nd son, 2 months his junior, is now pushing 6 feet… and Pasha doesn’t let a minute pass that he’s not telling Petya how he’s taller. Pasha’s still like a skeleton although he eats huge portions at mealtimes, lol, while Petya’s the one with the muscles (that I need to inspect 10x/day). Only Sashenka and the dogs are smaller than me now. Our prayer is that each find his/her own “thing” and purpose in life….

  3. avatar hoonew says:

    I want to hear the story of how you met him! Congrats, Petya!

  4. avatar Kathleen says:

    Congratulations Petya! What great experiences you will have.

  5. avatar Phyllis says:

    Once again, I’m playing catch-up with your blog. Congratulations! Those are amazing things that he has been asked to do! How wonderful. And Congratulations to you and your husband!

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