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And The Votes Are In…

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York CityDespite my schedule of monitoring events and running empires on several continents, the extreme tiredness and exhaustion causing me to nod off from time to time, I could not turn off the late-night election coverage. The realization that we would have a new president by morning kept me going. Occasionally, I just wanted to sleep it off, to snuggle into a warm bed and let history run its course.

But it was so close.

Of course, being in Washington, DC, nearby neighbors held loud parties which spilled into thetrump-landslide-2 chilly night air, voices crescendoing as shock waves reverberated from live coverage counting win after win for Donald Trump. It was unexpected and exciting to see Americans across the country stand up to “business as usual” in our nation’s capital.

Many of the on-air newscasters appeared to be Grumpy Cats, wondering if there might be any hidden ballot boxes in this district or that. Stock prices from foreign markets were already reflecting the fear of uncertainty by plummeting.

trumpI had a packed schedule on Wednesday, yet the closeness of the Presidential race kept me up as long as possible. Would it flip-flop back and forth between candidates, or could they call the election early? Battleground state after battleground state went with Trump. Eventually, sleep got the best of me.

When I awakened today at 5:00 am, I saw even more of the series of upsets in states which led to Donald Trump’s win for president. Detractors and supporters register surprise. A stunning new day has dawned as the voice of the people was heard.  Incredibly, a Hillary commercial pops up on TV at 5:45 am.

US News and World report calls the Trump win “…a stunning and epic ending to one of thetrumpvictory wildest White House races in history.”  So much for the “sure-thing” polls and the press reports.

God bless America.


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