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And Then There Were Four… Wisdom Tooth Diary

crOur kids from Russia have been through it. They arrived as preteens with all sorts of dental issues. Our youngest, Sashenka, had 21 cavities.

Since that time, around turning 18 years of age, each required the extraction of all four wisdom teeth. We’re down to the last one. Sashenka just turned 17 and has been experiencing some pain. So, out they need to come, says the oral surgeon.

Both parents and daughter travel to the pre-op consult, talk with the doctor, watch thecr video.

“You could probably do this on auto-pilot,” he laughs, still reviewing the info thoroughly for our daughter.

As the day of surgery approaches, we stock up on smooth, cool foods like yogurt, pudding, V-8 juice, ice cream, as well as warm foods for later: mashed potatoes, broth, cream of pea soup. We review that she is to show up in sleeves that may be rolled up and to not have nail polish on at least one finger of her right hand.

Check, check, check.

crNo aspirin or anti-coagulants for the past five days. No eating or drinking after midnight on the day before.

Check. Check.

I let her know that I will be sitting in he waiting room throughout the surgery, no matter whether Papa has any emergency to which he must tend or not. The nurse will bring me, or us, into the recovery room where she will be drowsy. Then, after some time, I go to get the car and bring it around to the side exit from which the nurse will lead her to our car. No walking through the waiting room with swollen cheeks to scare the other patients.

And then we bring her home. I get to repeatedly change the bloody gauze stuffing deep incr her mouth, while keeping her head elevated and allowing her to rest.

Eventually, she will be pain free and happy. Meanwhile, we will bask in the knowledge that we love her and care for her and take care of her.

At the end of the teen years, that’s not a bad message to hear: your parents are always here for you. So, here we go….


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