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Anniversary Planning – Part II

thPhotos.  That’s the topic of the day.  Anniversary photos, which would appear to most to be wedding photos, except that there’s no exact wedding that’s going to be happening.  BTDT.  This is the “So-Happy-To-Be-Married-for-Decades-and-Decades” event where we spread love and good cheer around the world, posing as bride and groom.  And taking photos, in the type of edgy photojournalism style that wins awards.

Think “Modern Bride” meets “Old Bride”.

So naturally, the kids are involved.  Probably a bit too thmuch.  I ask them what we should aim for in our photos.

“Different poses!”  Sashenka’s jumps in, never the shrinking violet.

“Thank you,” I thank our youngest, “you mean we shouldn’t just take 100 photos of ourselves in the exact, same pose?”

“Different poses,” she nods.

“Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking Firenze,” our oldest son, Petya, suggests, excitement all over his face.

“I like how you think…” I reply, smiling back.

symbolic-wedding-venice“Maybe pose with a toy—” Pasha offers, as only he can.

“A toy?” we look at him, puzzled, and he shrugs.

“You on a white horse,” says Mashenka.

“Nice idea,” I agree, “might be a little tricky with a nice dress….”

“In front of the Kreml-!” (Kremlin) Little One starts up again.

“V’Moskveh?” (In Moscow?)  “Isn’t that quite high?  We’d be a teeny-tiny bride and groom….”wedding41

“I believe she means St. Basil’s,” Benedetto surfaces from his computer, inserting his two rubles in the conversation.

“Did you mean Sobor Vasi’liya Blazhen’nova?” I echo.

“I don’t know, the place with the thingies–.”

“St. Basil’s,” Benedetto holds out his palm, as if to say, “See?  I told you so.”

“In a gondola on the Grand Canal,” Pasha tries again.

Benedetto waves him off, “Has to be on a back canal—which is good, too, of course.  Ever since the thGerman father of his family was recently killed, crushed between two vaporetti, the gondolas are not allowed on the Canal Grande….”

The children and I fall silent at the very thought, punctuated only by Sashenka awaking from her reverie.

“I know—KISSSS-ING-!!!” she giggles.  “They do that, right?  The bride and groom KISSSS-?!

“It’s been known to happen…”

And there you have it.  I told them I would take the ideas under consideration, and that we might have a few ideas of our own.


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