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Another Fun Summer Family Film

the-italian-key-1You know me, I’ll give you the straight scoop on any movie—I’ve been surprised enough, myself, even after reading supposed “reviews”. With four teens in the house, two parents, and two dogs who have to watch, too, we need to practice tolerance for others’ tastes. All that being said, here’s a flick that should appeal to young teen girls, but is fine for the whole family. If you enjoy Italian scenery, well, this one’s for you….

It’s called “The Italian Key” and has no violence, kissing or key3cursing that I can recall. The young lady protagonist appears to be in her late teens and is an orphan. She went to live with an “uncle” who eventually passed away, leaving her nothing but a key which unlocks many secrets of her past.

To tell any of the story plot would give away most of it, however, I can say it involves an Italian hilltop village and all key2of the eccentricities and personalities that exist in such a setting. Young men and young women appearing pretty much like they would in Italy – casual dresses that look appropriate in almost any setting, mopeds or bicycles, winding roads, sketching in the field, working in The_Italian_Key_800dtheir villas, buying sundries at the corner store, talking with oldtimers at the café, everyone knows everyone…. True to life.

The little lesson on how to cook spaghetti “al dente” had Benedetto smiling. Any number of the characters or incidents, the deeds or dialogs in the film we have had happen to us in one way or another in the Italian countryside.

The_Italian_Key_800bOther than a ghost of a child who appears and disappears (but is not scary in any way)… and the fact that the orphan comes from an out-of-wedlock union that is hinted at… it was a picturesque summer diversion. Our kids were pleasantly surprised at its slow pace which still kept them spellbound by the storyline development and scenery throughout.

We rented it from Amazon. I would recommend “The Italian Key” for a sultry summer night.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    My wife (and I) enjoy your family film picks. Thanks Alexandra! You have never led us astray. Maybe you should consider doing this as an avocation.

    • avatar admin says:

      When I see a good one, I love to pass them on. Usually when we watch movies, I’m multitasking, so I might not be the best person to discuss film-making nuances or cinematography, lol….

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