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Another Funny Summer Flick

SpaceBuddiesDVDBoxartDo you want a movie full of adventure, a bit of Russian language, and dogs? Look no farther. This is a film with no swearing and plenty of good messages. The bad guys get into trouble, and the good guys/dogs come out on top.

On Netflix, our family watched yet another in the series of “Air Buds”, or pups gone wild, with “Space Buddies”. Released in 2009 and rated G, the Buddies, who are all brother and sister Golden Retriever puppies living with different families, go on a field trip that turns into an outer-space adventure.

Soon they are docking with the Russian Space Station and renegade cosmonautSBuddies02, Yuri, who hopes to live in space in peace and quiet for the rest of his life. Only problem is, his partner, cosmodog Spudnik, wants to go home to his boy-owner, Sasha, back in Russia.

ab3Dodging meteorites and more, it’s a long story, but full of fun. Plus, a child might even learn about breaking through the atmosphere, being out of communication while circling the back side of the moon, docking, system overrides… and of course,th1 weightlessness.

I can’t think of anything objectionable in the movie which is squeaky clean. If you are not a fan of Buddhism, there are a few odd inserts of this ilk throughout the th1film: bowing to an idol, meditating, saying “namaste”. Other than that, there’s one pup who passes gas.

Silly film, funny film, and yes, you will hear real Russian spoken tumblr_mb18x3erRo1r22c3wo1_500during the film. What’s not to like?

Gravity, the talking ferret (whom only the puppies understand), brings them all back to earth as he explains what to do from his microphone at mission control. None of the animals and none of the kids will be earning any acting awards anytime soon, but hey, if you need something lighthearted on a long, summer evening, “Space Buddies” provides it.


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  1. avatar abby says:

    Now that sounds like a good time for the entire family! I need some laughs, lol.

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