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Anti-Snoring Strategies

stop-snoring1If you have a snorer in the family, you know all about the freight train, the huffing and puffing, the snorts and honks that might emanate all through the night.  Try to get some beauty sleep with that going on-!

Toiletries and totes in hand, our family headed off for an early birthday overnight for Petya, whose 17th birthday is coming up next week.  I encouraged my husband that it would be absolutely delightful if he purchased some sort of snoring remedy for himself before we made the trip.  I mean, 35 years is a long time, and in tight quarters, it’s difficult to banish anyone to another location, or just get up and move yourself.

Time passed and Benedetto did nothing.  Of course, the snoring doesn’t bother him, because he’s asleep.  I’m ththe one who suffers.  Of course, that’s nothing new, either.

“You can order whatever you want online,” I suggested.  “I would do it for you, but we’ve tried that, and I didn’t know what was comfortable for you.”

It was the day before departure and still nothing.  Was I surprised?  I inquired again as to what was his game plan.

Helps_Stop_Snoring_Natural_Remedy_Snoring_Spray_Snoring_Solution_19ml_Spray_7_Weeks_Supply_o“Look, I can go to the local drugstore and purchase anything there,” he explained.


Later that day, he arrived with packages in hand.

“I spoke with the pharmacist who suggested a three-part approach,” he related.

“Sounds good.”

“First, I need to keep the nasal passages moist with a saline nasal mist.  Then, I coat the throat with a peppermint spray, and finally I have to apply an exterior Snore_remedy_products_quit_snoing_nose_plasternasal strip that supposedly keeps the nose open,” Benedetto said.

He had tried the strips in the past without much success.  I was willing to give him an “A” for effort for learning about the 3-part approach.

Who knew what would actually work?  The internet offered all kinds of solutions to the problem of snoring:  blowing the nose, taking a hot and steamy shower, sleeping in a different position.  And maybe for some, these were real possibilities.

Yet, we were dealing with a rather large, Italian probiscus.  I was concerned, but guardedly optimistic.

simply-saline-nasal-mist-super-size-canCome nighttime, the entire family was extremely exhausted.  We put the kids to bed and turned in ourselves around 10:30.  Benedetto worked on his computer, tapping, typing, tapping, typing, which made it hard to fall asleep, no matter how worn out I was.  At long last he ceased his work, and I fell off to sleep.

On and off I awakened during those early hours.  He was not snoring, but I had received a lot of unfortunate news during the daytime that I tried to put to rest by night.  My subconscious kept struggling with it and I tossed and turned.

2:21 am.   He’s snoring.  At first, it bubbled up little by little, at last crescendoeing to freight-train volume.

By 3:00 am, I wake him.how-to-stop-snoring

“You’re snoring,” I report.


“You’re SNORING.  Can you do something?”

He goes for another spray to the throat and returns.  Within minutes, the low-level snoring resumes.  Within an hour, the full-force snoring takes effect.

I don’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.  I had my four hours of fitful sleep, I guess I should be happy with that.

Benedetto is in disbelief when I tell him he was snoring again.  I’m not in disbelief when I am forced to concede that yet another anti-snoring remedy has bitten the dust, though it did work for an hour or so at a stretch.

Do you know of anything that might silence the snorers among us?


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    My husband snored the first 43 years of our marriage. Snored is not the proper word however because it does not describe the level of sound that emanated from him. I always started off in the same bed as him, but spent at least 35 years on the sofa. I never could bring myself to sleep in the guest bedroom for some insane reason. He also snored in the family room in front of the television so that no one else could enjoy it. When we asked him to go to bed, he refused to go until “after the 11pm news” was over. The nights I did stay in bed, he continuously stopped breathing and then finally would gasp for breath – all this in his sleep. Finally I convinced him to go to his Dr. who ordered a sleep study. Of course he had sleep apnea. He wears a breathing mask at night and it never bothered him to do it. It is heaven for me. HEAVEN. It has probably added years to his life and years to mine too. He still snores in front of the TV however but I can easily find things to do outside of the family room. MAKE HIM GET A SLEEP STUDY.

    • avatar admin says:

      There you go, Sybil, a sane and rational answer! Bless you. Whether or not he’ll do it is another thing…. Maybe I could just buy him a hockey mask or something? That way when I bop him, he’ll be unharmed-!

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