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Anti-Trump Protests with Play-Doh and Coloring Books

hillary-clintons-addresses-her-staff-and-supporters-following-her-defeatDespite movements to the contrary, there are winners and losers in life. Tests in schools, elections in nations, merit raises in jobs, all cause us to strive to do better. Yet, when Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election, and Hillary Clinton loses, all hell breaks loose and our highest institutions of learning revert to infantile behavior, seeking emotional solace. Why did such breakdowns and violence not happen in the wake of the two Obama wins?

In all fairness, Trump threatened to reject the outcome if he didcry2 not win. He alleged that the press and politicos had rigged things against his candidacy, but now we can see that the polls and the press accurately and fairly reported his overwhelming anticipated loss against Clinton….


So now, Hillary Clinton has lost and Obama’s “legacy” is over… leading to high school students in select cities walking out of classes. Are they being suspended or expelled? Last time I checked, high school students generally don’t vote. You want to protest? Do it at night or on the weekend, not during school time.

cry4Yale University students are being told that they need not take mid-terms exams at such a time following Clinton’s defeat. They might be too upset to concentrate. Tufts offered arts and crafts therapy, University of Michigan had Play-Doh and coloring books (now said to be cancelled due to the commonsense backlash), while Cornell had a cry-in over the huge loss. Other schools offered safe spaces and therapy dogs.

Really. This is preparing them for the real world? In the real world, there are winners and losers. This is tantamount to a Little League game where the out-of-control parents are screaming and the children are crying over their loss. In the end, everyone has to receive a trophy so as not to damage their self-esteem.

Let’s give Hillary Clinton a trophy for trying and call it a day. A little encouraging speech from President hillary-clinton-supporters-cryingObama could help the nation, as well, but he’s too busy golfing and nursing his own psychological black eye.

Meanwhile, more seasoned “professional” protesters burn the American flag and cars, block streets, cause injury and damage to stores, homes, people and police.

Enough. Grow up. Go home. Make our nation a better place by learning to work together with folks who are not just like you— you know, diversity in our demographics? Like when President Obama won two terms and those not supporting him continued to go to school, take exams, went to work and functioned as normal human beings, instead of resorting to violence or requiring therapy.

Be constructive, rather than destructive in your “freedom of speech”.

Working together in melting-pot America is what can make our country great. If that’s what you really want.


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