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Appreciating the Seemingly Insignificant

snow treesWith all of the snow and rain sweeping across our nation, folks have been in hibernation mode for awhile.  Fortunate you if you can enjoy some outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or ice skating.

The rest of us will simply focus on trying to remain upright on slick sidewalks or driveways.

I love the hush that surrounds a snowfall.  Everything is thmuffled and there’s almost a holy awe.  I wonder if there will be snow in heaven….

Before I start obsessing about whether we’ll lose power or not, I observe the frozen leaves and bright berries with a layer of white frosting over them.

scottish-terrier-snow-Instead of worrying over the dogs and if their paws will freeze during a quick, five-minute outing in their sweaters (why, oh why did we get them clipped and groomed last week, when now they only have half the hair to keep them warm?), I watch them bound through snow as high as their backs, enjoying every minute of it.

Before the blanket of pristine snow gives way to slushy mud, I thwatch it glisten on the edges of the windows, on the flower urns, and on the tree branches.  Every sparkly particle, unique, individual, one-of-a-kind, none of it insignificant.

Even the rain puddles clean the streets.  I appreciate them and the fact that our roof is not leaking. 

I celebrate the the passed-over and seemingly-forgotten small things of life and nature today.


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  1. avatar abby says:

    I love your spirit, Alexandra, your writigns always give me a pick me up! But I’ve been waiting for a post about hamantashen cookies this year. I love your yearly sagas! 😉

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