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Archaeological Space Cadet

SpaceArchaeologyDr. Sarah Parcak is making news for archaeologists worldwide as winner of the $1 million 2016 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Prize. She’s the one who has been in the headlines for years, using satellite to remotely locate archaeological sites.

Specializing mostly in Egypt, Parcak estimates that just 1% of archaeological sites there are known. Her work uncovers pyramids, and tombs, and cities, resulting in too many for local excavators to pursue or verify. Basically, it’s the stuff of legends.

For 17 years, she and her husband have worked in Egypt on digs and surveys and LDTD_statue-1490much of that time, Dr. Parcak has been taking it to the next level by enlisting the help of outer space. In the most well-known announcement of her documentary appearances, Parcak revealed their pinpointing of 1,000 tombs and 17 previously-unknown pyramids, along with over 3,000 settlements dating from ancient times.

This is the stuff of legends.

p00xwvhnAs archaeology only grows in its science-based orientation, new possibilities mushroom on the horizon. Chemical analysis, computer imaging, satellites— that’s a lot of how archaeologists dig it today.

And now the ones behind TED Talks are honoring her efforts, particularly those labors in regards to protecting Middle Eastern sites from looting and destruction, with a check for $1 million. Parcak notes that site looting has multiplied by 1000% in recent years and it has to be stopped.

Maybe this $1 million will bring a few of her innovative ideas to the forefront.


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