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Archaeologist Stranded on a Desert Island

tumblr_mi2xfkmx5m1r6lxzlo2_r1_500I could never be on those Survivor-like reality shows, you know, the dirty hair, the tattered clothes, the lack of niceties and amenities….  In actuality, I’ve been cast in real life for the upcoming archaeological field school and the similarities are striking.  My biggest question:  how to blend in?

This last year I focused on the practical clothes necessary for field work:  khaki pants of two persuasions, grey jeans, black jeans, jean-jeans, all in a size bigger than normal, but with some Lycra thrown in for a smooth fit without any pain involved when bending, crouching, squatting, and kneeling for hours on end.  Tunic tops with long sleeves and high necks meant that I could bend over and not be hanging out on top or bottom, while being protected from the sun.  Extra scarves covered the neck.  Hiking boots were de rigeur.

Now I needed to give some attention to how I would be presenting myself, keeping in mind that archaeologists $(KGrHqZHJD!E+UH,UMIpBQGz3NVsEw~~60_57preferred the au naturel look that somehow seemed to skip my generation.  As a guy, Petya would be fine.  His mother, however, might need to tone down the hair, makeup, and nails.

A pale pink manicure appeared as close to natural as I could swing.  The jewelry would follow, with simple stud earrings (possibly, I make no promises), and a wedding band of sorts.  With two or three watches that had bitten the dust over the course of the last few months, investing in a cheap one that worked would be my best bet for dusty, dirty conditions.

A low ponytail would accommodate a sunhat, and the makeup could be downgraded.

64136-Desert-Princess-Hand-Jewelry-largeI thought back to desert island scenarios and the traditional question of what makeup item you felt you could not live without.  Mascara?  Eyeliner?  Foundation or blush?  Lipstick?

It was hard to say.  How about a little bit of all of the above?

Is that cheating?  Am I going to make it at the field school?

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