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Are Mothers Born or Made?

Not everyone’s cut out for this job called motherhood. Similar to royalty, some are born to the task, and others aspire to it. Though fewer in number, there are those of us who fall into it, almost by chance, or by Divine design.

Good mothers are hard to find these days, not that people are less caring in general, nor less suited for it in particular, it’s simply the fact that there are many distractions. Children have ceased to be a priority, and it’s time to reverse that trend.

These tender hearts often do not require the best in parenting skills. They are understanding and forgiving, liberal and lax in their standards. How can we disappoint such trusting souls, who look up to us in earnest expectation?

Children call for time and training, care and confidence-keeping, a labor of love and compassion that goes beyond one’s own abilities. In the end, not only they are bettered by the efforts, but so are we.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. avatar Sybil says:


    All of the good you can do for your children will likely be incorporated to their children and it goes on and on. So, we are a link to the future of our grandchildren and their grandchildren. Even if we don’t get to see how they are affected, it will be felt.

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