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Are US-Russia Relations Warming After Boston?

APTOPIX Boston Marathon ExplosionsBy now, everyone knows that Russia warned America about the elder Chechen brother who eventually masterminded the Boston Marathon terror attack.  Russia reportedly also cooperated in questioning the father of the suspects, with Russia proving to be an ally-of-sorts during America’s time of need.

 Is global warming being taken to the next level in a warming of relations between the US and Russia?  Isn’t it that time of year when Siberian winter gives way to the warm thaw of spring?  Can our international associations actually be taking a turn for the better?

 Possible, but improbable.ctm_0420_RUSSIAEXPERT_480x360 

 Listen, Russia (and most other nations on the face of the earth) has an agenda.  When America’s and Russia’s agendas intersect, we will be helpful to one another.  When we have opposing viewpoints and goals, each may try to demonize the other.  This is International Relations 101:  what’s in it for me?

 The US has always tried to keep out of Russia’s battles in Chechnya.  President Putin would like to change that, and views current developments as a prime object lesson not to be missed.  For Russia, Chechen separatists have a lot to do with issues close to their hearts, such as fighting Afghanistan and 5kopnfhl.010Syria.

 Personally, I remember down through the years the terrorist acts attributed to Chechens, such as the bombing of Russian passenger planes, the Moscow subway, and the takeover of the school in Beslan in 2004 where 330 people died during the siege, half of them schoolchildren.  This North Caucasus region has been a hotbed of uprisings for centuries, and some of my own children hail from areas in the South Caucausus.

 This made it dicey traveling through the region in order to adopt.  Travel warnings on the US State Department site notwithstanding, we did not experience any anxiety in our locations as we did on other field trips to nearby Muslim republics.US-Russia

The Winter Olympics in Sochi will not be that far distant….

 The bottom line seems to be that regions which have experienced turmoil over decades are not likely to turn around overnight.  Yet, violence has been reduced dramatically in Chechnya, while still at a level that most civilized societies would consider unacceptable.

 Same with US-Russia relations:  decades of suspicion and sabre-rattling do not bode well even in the warmth of springtime.  But there’s always hope.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Hope is probably all we can do for now. Putin generally is bent on keeping relations icy cold.

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