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Are You Hydrated and Healthy?

drinking-waterI’ve been reading recently about the pillars of good health: whether sufficient nightly sleep (I rarely get enough), increasing my veggie intake (which is already fairly high), and drinking plenty of water (not a whole lot in that category). Basically, making healthier choices is a great idea for all of us and I decided to start with the water.

Did you know that all sorts of ailments, great or small, may be alleviated simply by hydrating the body? Those of the medical profession who have studied such things tell us that a good ratio for daily water intake would be to take one’s weight in pounds, divide that number in half and that equals the amount of water per day in ounces that we should be consuming.

In other words, a 200-pound person needs to drink 100 ounces of water each and every day, or five 20-ounce bottles. Awater 150-pound person should be aiming to drink 75 ounces of water, or almost four bottles. And so forth.

For me, that’s a lot of water-!

So this bag lady has turned into a bottle lady, carrying around a bottle of water, or actually, multiple bottles of water, since, upon occasion, believe it or not, it’s difficult to buy bottles of pure water not containing sucralose and other additives. I fill up and head out on my day, content in the knowledge that I am also getting a mini-workout by lifting an extra bag containing bottles of water on top of my laptop and a few assorted books.

drink-water2My observations:

Water can be heavy to carry.

Water can also make one tinkle a lot. Plan to be close to some bathrooms.

It’s doable.

I may not always reach my daily liquid goal, but I’m definitely way closer than ever before. Prior to this exercise in getting healthy, I might have downed three 8-ounce cups of water per day, along with ample amounts of coffee and other beverages. However, the scant 24 ounces of water means that I should be weighing approximately 50 pounds-!

It just wasn’t enough.

The water regime has been said to turn around migraines, joint problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and a whole hydration3host of other even more serious ailments. For me, I actually feel less sleepy throughout the day (still working on getting more rest), plus I seem to have more energy in general. No specific ailments to target in my case, but drinking large amounts of water is common sense, it’s cheap and it certainly sounds healthy to flush the system of impurities.

Would you give water cure a shot?

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