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Are You Settling?

Chilling_RussianMany good people settle for bad things. It’s because the bad things are sometimes thought to be not that bad, like the babushka (granny) in St. Petersburg, Russia, implicated in the murders of 11 people whom she decapitated and ate for dinner, hacking some to death while they were still alive.

I believe we would all agree that’s bad. That’s evil.

So, the fact that you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, that your loved ones treat you like dirt, that your house or car or friendships are beneath you, or that your soul mate has no soul… pales in comparison.

Or does it?

What type of dysfunction is this, day after day putting up with the idea of just how much negativity Dysfunction-Jctyou can tolerate? Isn’t life more than that? What should your response be?

Do you quit the job, toss aside the family, get a divorce, move to a new city?

Generally, that’s what folks do. They simply can’t take it any longer. Not hard to understand.

But is it possible to change within yourself, to make yourself the best person possible… apart from other people or other things ever changing?


However, you still wouldn’t be paid what you’re worth and you’d still be in dead-end relationships when you could be surrounded by people who celebrate you, who love you, who pray for you, who speak uplifting words to you, and who care for you. Without that, it’s all lop-sided and one-sided.

Yes, you can grow on your own. But why not grow together? Is it hard to be a team at work? Is it impossible to be a team at home? Is it too much to work and save money for things that matter to you?

Anything can change. Anyone can improve. If it’s someone else, they have to be willing— and let’s personal_growthface it, some people can be horrific. Really horrific. They’re against you 24/7. You say up, they say down. You’re sweet, they’re nasty. They make promises, they never keep them. What are you gonna do?

Continue to grow, however you can. Fight the urge to become part of the throw-away society. Hold your head up high, pray and carry on.


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