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Are You Swamped, Too, or Is It Just Me?

OVERWORK-facebookI am over-involved. My “Just Say No” button has broken. I have no off switch. I am swamped.

Some would say slammed. I don’t like slammed. “I was so slammed at work.”

No, too uncultured for me. Sounds like somebody’s hitting you.

I was swamped, inundated, overwrought, if you must. In essence, too much to do. Consistently and constantly.Accountant swamped with financial documents

It’s probably an adrenaline thing. You know, you work until all hours of the night and then decide you’re not tired at all. So you stay up some more because it’s difficult to fall asleep. And then you feel like taking a nap at 10:00 a.m. Crazy.

I started listing everything that I need to accomplish. As in yesterday. If not sooner. Seemed better to have it written down and prioritized.

It was enough for ten people. And that’s my conservative estimate.

There you have it. Are you swamped, too?


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