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Ashley Olsen, Amanda Knox, and Italian Incidents

firenzeFor many years, my husband and I were a fixture on the Italian scene. Locals often assumed that we lived there because we popped in and out for a few-day-getaway, or work-related visits. One thing that always concerned us was the behavior of American kids abroad.

Maybe university or art-school students, their risky lifestyle choices had us vowing that no kids of our own would ever be allowed to study solo in Firenze, Venezia, Pisa or Bologna. Not that we’re excluding Roma or Milano, or of course, Perugia, where Amanda Knox ran into trouble. But kids who get drunk, or high, and careen down the street, strolling arm-in-arm and talking at the top of their voices… are looking for trouble.

You’re in a foreign country, no matter how well you know the cafes, bars, and back alleys. There are ashley-olsenhidden dangers and cultural nuances.

The American girls would brag loudly about their Italian boyfriends, and I could not believe they were that idiotic to think that the guys were at all serious about them. Then I heard American guys, also on semester- or year-abroad programs, boasting, as well, not about Italian girls, but the same American girls as their conquests….

Someone was going to get hurt.

amanda knoxAnd so, the world watched as the Amanda Knox case went from bad to worse. Was she a killer, or just a very, very foolish young lady? These were the kinds of growing-up lessons that one didn’t want to undertake in front of the whole world….

History repeats itself. We have 35-year-old Ashley Olsen living a similarly-reckless, expat life in the haunts of Firenze with drugs and sex featuring prominently. Folks, this is not smart. Where are the parents, I don’t care what the age of the kids, who need to be telling their sons or primarily yes, daughters, to get a grip? You don’t need to be living on a farm in the Midwest, you can enjoy the espresso-and-moped lifestyle, but BE CAREFUL.

As Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw said, “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always Florence Italy 92happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” Nobody deserves to die or be accused of awful things, but it hurts my heart that young ladies can be so reckless.

Be careful, and have a safe, and simply amazing, weekend.


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