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Attactive, Sealed Bomb Shelters of War

purimThe Festival of Purim, based on the Scroll of Esther in the Bible, happens this weekend. It commemorates the victory of the Jewish people over their Persian enemies in the year 356 BC. In modern terms, the holiday takes me back to 1991, living in Jerusalem and having come through the multiple missile attacks of Gulf War I. It was at that time that I became intimately acquainted with the sealed rooms of war.

Every apartment building, neighborhood and private home in Israel has, by law, a bomb sealed roomshelter. These are reinforced concrete rooms with a steel door, fully sealed off and protected from missiles, bombs and gas attacks in the case of war, which is not an everyday occurrence, except in border areas. When the air raid sirens sound and an area goes into code red, residents have 15 seconds to make it to the bomb shelter.

That’s a very little amount of time. So you need to be prepared.

Many families, offices, schools and universities have decided to create beautiful bomb shelters. Why not? The time spent in the space can stretch from a few to many hours. In these often basement-like areas, they paint the walls bright and vibrant colors, lay in supplies of bottled water, cans of tuna and other non-perishable items. Some create an indoor play area for the children, young adults set up a place for band practice and entertainment to take their minds off of the realities at hand. There could be a bed, or a couch, desks and chairs or a conference room.

IsraelIt’s there that you wear your gas mask and fuzzy slippers, particularly if it’s the middle of the night. Not fun.

That’s where creativity clicks in.

The harsh situations of life exist, yet the power of the human spirit prevails, particularly one bolstered by faith. Today, may you have the confidence that leads to victory over any trying circumstances!

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