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Avoiding Hotel Room Germs

crSpring is upon us and there’s travel, travel everywhere. Here are more spring break tips. Hand sanitizers are helpful when embarking on a trip, but toss a package of the disinfecting wipes in your bag, as well. And even though this is your family’s time to kick back and relax, enlist all of them in wiping down some of the biggest germ offenders in your friendly hotel room or guest house rental.

Some of these we all know about and others are hard to avoid. Just consider that a few steps in the right direction will truly help to keep all of you safe and healthy. Here’s what to wipe down:

All light switches— yes, the on/off buttons on the wall or on the lamp.cr

The remote controls for TV, air conditioner, automatic shutters, etc.

The hotel room phone— not many use it anymore, but just in case.

Drinking/water glasses— often wiped “clean” with dirty rags which just wiped down the sink! Disinfect and then rinse well, or better yet, bring your own plastic cups.

Hotel rugs— best to wear flip-flops. Same with the sand outside if you’re in a foreign locale— have you seen the numbers who contract some type of microscopic worm into the soles of their feet? Ugh.

crBedspreads and possibly pillowcases— remove the bedspread which is often not washed between guests. The pillowcase might have touched other dirty bedding or placed on a nearby (dirty) chair while being switched out— doesn’t bother me, but some bring along cocoon sheets— a thin liner which acts as sheet and pillow case combined, lol. Folks, this is no way to live, but if you must….

The guest services binder— you know, the three-ring binder or book which lists all eating establishments within the resort or general area, where to rent a jet ski or find a baby sitter, etc.? I never thought of this before, but crwipe down those plastic-covered pages….

Of course, we could go on and on (check for bedbugs, wipe down gym equipment…), but this is your vacay! Dont’ become obsessed. You’re not a professional maid. Yet, with a few swipes of the disinfectant cloth, you’ll be in a much better situation for optimal health and well-being.

Safe travels, everyone!


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