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Back-to-School Bling

355b8fb75107a4d3ce2749edf0c8a177It’s almost one month until school begins in some locales, which means that back-to-school supplies are cropping up everywhere. Along with the usual notebooks, erasers, pens and pencils, I glimpsed a few new items that are worth reporting.

Particularly for teen girls with an eye for bling.

Let me tell you, this kind of stuff would have been right up my alley: locker bling-! What could be better?

No, this is not a paid ad. These folks don’t know me from nothing.LockerLookz

Nowadays, there are companies willing to help kids outfit their regulation metal lockers. Imagine the first day of school with a chenille rug nestling your books, wallpaper to place on the inside of the door, gem and flower magnets, dry erase boards and picture frames in scrolls, stripes, and leopard prints.

Just when it looks like it couldn’t get any better, I see mini-magnetic hanging chandeliers. Or, should a student prefer, battery-operated, bejeweled wall sconces.

It’s all from LockerLookz and online, or in a store near you. This is going to be one happy schoolyear!


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