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Battle of the Bread Crusts

istockphoto_5581019-bread-crustI have two girls who refuse to eat bread crusts.  They each have one piece of toast for breakfast and refuse to eat half of it.  Since their father is the one monitoring their movements at breakfast, he punches their ticket and gives them a “pass”.

I, on the other hand, policewoman of the universe, think this is wrong on so many levels.  Shall I list them?

1.  Bread is the staff of life.  It’s disrespectful to basically spit on half of it.  Our family journeys to other parts of the world where bread is held in high esteem, and the girls will be held in low esteem if they don’t eat their bread.

2.  You don’t want to eat bread.  Fine, no problem.  Just don’tIMG_3978 eat half of it.  Yes, I grew up with the starving children in India stories… then I went to India.. and they could really use some bread crusts.

3.  The girls need to consume more than a bulls-eye of bread each morning.  Their bodies and minds need fuel for the day ahead.  “What about some protein?” I ask my husband.  “They drink a cup of milk at breakfast,” he argues.  In general, the girls are cranky, crummy, and crashing through their emotions each morning, probably due to their diets.

4.  I’m all for crustless sandwiches at tea time.  Breakfast is not tea time.  My daughters’ “To the Manor Born” airs and attitudes, “We don’t do bread crusts” irritates me.  For all bread-crusts-sm250intents and purposes, they went from the outhouse to the White House overnight.  And now they couldn’t be bothered with the lowly bread crusts.

5.  I decide to research bread crusts for myself.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Turns out that powerful antioxidants are eight times more plentiful in the crust than in the rest of the bread, as well as being rich in dietary fiber.  Cancer-fighting enzymes are being ripped away every time the crusts are tossed.  The only way that crusts can be bad for you is if the bread is burned, and then the charred bread becomes carcinogenic.  So, in essence, bread crusts are good for you.

I’m told that I’m making a big deal about nothing.  But wars were fought over much less, I say.  If I have to choose my battles, I believe bread crusts are a worthy cause.


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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    I hate the picky eater battles. My youngest would do all that and more if he knew there was any kind of option. So far we have kept him isolated enough to where he knows not eating the broccoli is not an option in life, but I wonder what he does at school as he holds the world’s record for slowest eater and often complains there isn’t enough time to eat lunch. Happily my older boy is a human garbage disposal. He’ll eat anything put down in front of him with gusto and then declare ” I didn’t really like that” as the rest of us are picking at it trying not to let on that I served something horrible for supper.
    I do make the kid’s finish a normal size serving of meals, if they want more and it’s there, they are welcome to seconds and thirds of anything, but they must finish what’s on their plate first, so sometimes offending items are choked down just so they can get at another serving of potatoes or cheesy pasta stuff.
    I don’t know what I’d do about the bread crusts, but food battles being up there with one of my pet peeves of child rearing I’d likely be fighting it tooth and nail that they eat the crust if it were on my turf.

    • avatar admin says:

      Well, thank you for that vote of confidence, Winnie. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, I have ceded breakfast to the powers that be, and somebody else with the Mediterranean “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” personality thinks I simply wake up cranky every day, looking for some battle. Riiiighttt….

      On the happy side, the kids know that not eating veggies, etc., at any other meal is not an option, so they’re fine there. And today: late-breaking good report: the girls ate half their crusts! (Plus, I saw a napkin strategically draped over one plate, hah, but we’re making headway.) Yay!

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    No, drugs are a worthy cause. Alcohol for teens is a worthy cause. Teen sex is a worthy cause.
    There are many more, but bread crusts are not one of them. If you are really worried about wasting those antioxidants, YOU eat their crusts!! lol

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