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Benedetto Has Been to the Mountain

IMG_3148So we are finishing up our three-day retreat, or two-and-a-half day retreat, or two evenings and one full day and one half day retreat…. You can tell that the fresh mountain air is getting to me….

We had about three hours of free time one afternoon and my husband, Benedetto, set his heart on climbing up a mountain of extremely steep grades, said to take four IMG_3151hours. I set my heart on catching up on work and catching a nap, if at all possible. I had texts to return and other matters to address, but I think we both semi-met our objectives….

My level of concern for him increased when I heard locals give him a radio to communicate back with the retreat center in case of emergency. Their goal included accounting for all who had gone hiking, that they would return safely. I tried to push black bear tales from my consciousness, confident that wild animals wanted food more than any encounter with a human being. Benedetto normally did not carry any snacks on his person. He also did not carry sunscreen.

IMG_3152He relayed photos of the steep, wooded paths, giving way to broad mountain vistas. As the trees thinned, the sun beat down on his forehead, something he had not thought through. I was back at the room near the cappuccino machine, so I was no help. Cresting the top of the ascent, a scenic overlook, he texted me and gained my congratulations.

I asked if there were any defibrillators at the top.

He said he was making a brief video for me to show off the beautiful vistas and give a few motivational words of what he had learned during his hike up the mountain. Benedetto proudly held his phone at the best possible angle, huffing and puffing, but giving it his best.

He practically ran back down the mountain, in part due to the steep grade again, and in part due to more meetings IMG_3157scheduled. Arriving back in utter exhaustion, he grabbed a quick shower and then came to show me his video.

Blank. In the bright sun, he had pushed “photo”, instead of “video”. Over dinner, we laughed with friends when we thought of the breathless Benedetto, up on the mountain, talking to himself, in essence. Ah well.

At least he had been to the mountain. Some of us never make it that far.


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