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Best Travel Tip for 2015

travel_webdesignYou know me: always coming and going. I saw a great tip the other day and wanted to share it with you. It’s the best, most creative tip I’ve come across in a while.

This one, believe it or not, comes from DirectTV, and it’s one of their “Five Sanity-Saving Travel Tips” and it’s using your cell phone when you travel. Naturally, low-tech person that I am, I use my cell phone to send smoke signals from other parts of theiphone-6 world where I may have been taken captive by bedouin. Beyond that, I generally listen to flight attendants instructing me to turn off all electronic devices.

I always was a very obedient child.

And now I hear that I should be using my super-passport-travelduper, highly-intelligent-if-not-genius i-Phone to take photos of everything from my passport, driver’s license, and credit cards to where I might leave my car at an airport parking lot. Which of course we generally try to avoid since we have never received so many nicks, crunches, and bashes as in airport parking lots which only goes to show you that there must be a whole lot of air rage going on these days….

But taking a photo could help in so many travel situations. Even if it’s just to look back at a sweet pic of your loved ones when you’re far away from home.

Safe travels!


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