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Beyond the Word “Impossible”

pI live in the realm of the impossible. Yes, it’s most every day that I undertake projects and issues that others would not touch with a ten-foot pole.

You see, the word impossible is a word. A word. It’s also a mindset, an unspoken, or spoken understanding that whatever it is… it’s too much. It’s beyond us. And that affects our actions. We might as well not even try.p

And that’s where we go wrong. Not even try?

In most cases, it costs nothing more to give it our best shot, whether aiming higher, going faster, imagining different. And then God….


With God, nothing is impossible. Incurable diseases… gone. Unpaid bills and debts… resolved. Wayward children… settled. I have seen the most unlikely situations and people transformed through prayer.

Are some things hopeless? Possibly. I’m too much of a realist to live in la-la land, but generally, generally, folks aim too low. Give up too soon. Throw in the towel at the drop of a hat.

Benedetto once said to me, “We’re taking all the towels out of pthe house.”

Here’s another good quote: “Never give up. And never, under any circumstances, face the facts.” ~ Ruth Gordon

Today, go for it. Take the word “impossible” out of your vocabulary, your thoughts, your actions. With God’s help, all things are possible.

And probable. And available to you.


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