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Big Babies: Get Over It

cryEvery day, or most every day, I have the thrill of assisting four kids, ages 16-20, push and pull their way toward maturity. Lest that not translate: it’s mostly me pushing and pulling.

Kids today have a unique way of not wanting to grow up. Used to be, back in the day, back in MY day which my kids refer to as “In YOUR day…”, which Benedetto and I remind them is STILL “our day”, young people wanted to grow up. We were expected to spread our wings, take on more responsibility and go our way.

Yet today, I hear story after story from parents far and wide of sons and daughters acting like entitled moochers, living in their Liberals-Cryingbasements, moving their offices into the family home (along with interns – yes, really-!), letting their pets destroy the house, and once, I heard of an inebriated 40-something son stuffing his bring-home date into the hall coat closet.

I kid you not.

That really fooled the parents.


The message that I preach to our four: immature and self-centered young people turn out to be immature and self-centered adults. And we get more than our fair share of this behavior in Washington, DC.

cryingAs Nicole Kidman recently remarked: The election is finished. Get over it. Move on.

I don’t believe she was necessarily endorsing Donald Trump, she was saying in essence that the people have spoken. Press forward. Work together. Love it or leave it.

But cry like a baby and agitate unrest???


It’s enough that the Obamas are staying in Washington, DC, after his presidency. sadMost folks understand in this day and age that kids (and hopefully spouses) count. If you can accommodate them finishing up a school year, or if your mate needs to take a job in another city, you adjust and make accommodations. No matter the pre-inaugural revelation by former President George W. Bush that, when exiting office, he vowed to never give advice (unless asked) nor make a public comment about the next president’s policies.

How refreshing. Grown-up, adult, classy behavior.

Carrie Pugh,Katrina Mendiola,Mayors WegmannBut if former President Obama and former presidential wanna-be Hillary Clinton cannot accept losing the election and moving on with their lives, it’s a sad day for America. They are setting a precedent that an elected official for whom “I” didn’t vote is not MY elected official.

It’s all about me- me- me. I’ll take my marbles and go home-!

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea.


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