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Big Bully Putin…At Home & Abroad

p34_DWI22303President Vladimir Putin of Russia is either paranoid or vitamin-powered, because the guy is busy 24/7 putting out fires at home and abroad.  It’s hard when everybody hates you.

As his piece de resistance, the Sochi Olympics, came to an end, protesters again flooded Moscow’s streets.  So he blocked the websites of his critics, and threw hundreds in jail, while meanwhile, invading a foreign country.


Same-old, same-old.Russia's Prime Minister and presidential

Long a tactic of North Korea when winter hits and the food runs out and the populace are starving:  create an international crisis.  Well, Putin didn’t need to do that because Ukraine served one up for him, unless, of course, you believe that Putin was behind the entire “Should-Ukraine-align-with-the-EU-or-Russia?” debate in the first place.

You see, the guy’s got time on his hands.  His wife has already been banished, or institutionalized in an insane asylum, or locked up in a convent somewhere.  Speculation has been rife on that one for years, before they finally divorced.  I wonder if she’s still alive.

putin-angry-503de320dd48e_230x346Then the rigged voting in the last elections where the same people were observed voting at different polling stations.  Then the mass demonstrations.  Then the crackdown.

Now it’s boiling up again.  Now the shutdown of opposing websites.  (Mark my words, it will soon be the shutdown of the internet there entirely, no wonder we get so many hits from Russia, one day soon they won’t be able to read about my search for hamantaschen and the riveting antics of my Russian children or Scottish dogs….)  On top of all that, the imprisonment of any vocal critics of Putin.  And the invasion of Crimea.

He’s a busy guy, because when things are not going well at home, time to stir the pot somewhere else and find a common enemy.  Apparently, the West fits the role perfectly.


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