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Black Friday Blessings

black-friday-shoppersThanksgiving was a double whammy. Okay, who are we kidding, it’s more like a quadruple or quintuple whammy. Deadlines looming on research articles, a major holiday underway, our second-oldest son, Pasha, turned 19 on Thursday, also. So there were presents to wrap, a cake to bake, attending a congregational service, in addition to preparing turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pies, soups and salads. And today?

Nobody I know wanted to go out at 3:00 am to hit any sales. That’s a normal daily rising time for our family when we travel-! Today, I slept in till 6:00 or so. Ahhhh….

Today, Black Friday, a big sales day in the US, when retailers hope their sales for the year will Breakfastcarrying their accounting from red ink (deficit) to black ink (profit), our family of four teens, two dogs and two parents has humble aspirations. We keep busy so as to not fritter away the day, while still keeping that sense of changing things up.

Benedetto: My husband has an early-morning business coffee. This way, the two guys have the opportunity to discuss deep issues as they enjoy a holiday cappuc. Doesn’t mess up my scheduling for the day, either. He also makes breakfast for the family, which is nice, but I don’t get how that’s going to work if he heads out about the time they’re supposed to be arriving at breakfast… Oh wait… that must mean me….

research_papersMoi: My research—gotta get a grip and knock this out! Also hope to poke through multitudinous bins and find holiday presents now. These are the items large and small that I stockpile through the year. If I don’t find them ASAP, Hanukkah (early December this year) and Christmas (late December) will be past. It would also be nice if somebody helped me deal with the raccoon/squirrel /opossum who is trying to come back despite the coyote urine outside and the peppermint spray inside the attic….

The kids: They would love to sleep all day. Not gonna happen. So a few of them have a big puzzle to do together, others enjoy sketching. Probably practicing the piano or typing is not gonna happen, either. Whereas I used to nap them to death, my current modus operandi involves smiling, shrugging my shoulders and walking away. Much more effective. So our oldest will get together with a friend who’s home from college and they’ll play tennis and then grab a snack. The others might read and we can all watch a holiday movie for sure. Nobody much cares if I’m tapping away at the laptop, dogs and family nestled beside us….

The dogs: I pray that they stay healthy. Both are doing very well. After our big meal, this year IMG_2381enjoyed at the dacha, rather than at our normal urban locale, the kids and Benedetto went for their usual walk, this time by the beach. The two boys decided to hop in the water, Petya taking his surfboard and wetsuit and riding a number of waves until he turned blue in the hands and feet, lol. Pasha the birthday boy just ran through the waves, darting in and out, freezing and shivering and enjoying the challenge as 19-year-olds do.

While the family heads out and I stay behind to (yawnnnn…) WORK, the dogs come running in to me. Misha cries and looks at me. He needs to go out. It sounds desperate. I go and grab their leashes. Once outside, they both lift a leg. Grisha tinkles on Misha’s leg.

Scottish-TerrierUsually, the two Scotties get close to each other, but really, this time I see (a little too late) urine running down Misha’s fluffy, hairy leg. Great. I wonder if little Grisha knows what he’s doing, but as everyone turned the TV on for the first time in maybe a year and watched part of the dog show at noon on Thanksgiving, Grisha came running when he saw the Scottie running by.

He’s no dummy.

Making a note to self to wipe down Misha once we’re inside, I see the big guy walk around in dinnercircles. He needs to go, but can’t settle on where. Great, I think, is this what my life has come to?

“Misha, do your business,” I urge after about ten minutes.

Finally, he lets it rip. Diarrhea. Has anyone been slipping him forbidden foods? Hopefully not.

And thus, having survived a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving, we hope for a similarly-uneventful day today. What are you doing?


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