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Blessing Our Troops

796019805988This year, our family is participating with our congregation in lifting the spirits of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan.  We’re collecting snacks, food, and toiletries to make their New Year a little warmer and brighter.

With military budget cuts, troops at many armed forces outposts no longer have the comfort of a hot breakfast.Subfreezing temperatures are setting in, and packets of hot chocolate,oatmeal, cup-a-soup, or cappuccino can tell our servicemen and women that we care.

Tucked into our care packages are small bags of dried fruit, !CE1u54wEGk~$(KGrHqMOKjcE0w3y3rrDBNTK)-k7eg~~_35granola bars, cheese crackers–all of the portable, pocket-sized treats that will make a cold and lonely outpost more bearable.  We’re sending a note of encouragement that will warm their hearts, as well.

You can imagine my surprise when our family came across a holiday movie that touches upon how much it means to a soldier to receive a card from home. 

1231Entitled, “The Christmas Card”, this 2006 Hallmark movie is available online, or in WalMart on DVD for $5 these days.  It touches on service, faith and family.  The storyline is not only sweet and sentimental, it’s downright funny with a family full of characters who care about each other.

Our kids (four teens) loved it, while learning a lot about relationships in the process.  The fact that there was a military subplot was icing on the cake. 

This holiday season, remember our troops and their families who give so much in sacrifice.  Should you wish to reach out to American soldiers, visit a site like www.anysoldier.com to help you locate specific needs and groups of servicepersons.  It does make a difference.


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