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Blog Bites the Dust

I am nothing. Less than dust, this unworthy worm-crawler dared to imagine that she could (well, let’s be honest here, that Benedetto could) transform her site into a swank and svelte couple-day makeover. Like all good intentions, it needed a little more muscle than we might muster. But we’ll plod along and figure it out someway, somehow.

Meanwhile, we need to transfer the archives and have found that we can either bring the old posts, or start the new entries. Not both, but sort of an either/or proposition. That’s not helping. Well, if they could decipher new dimensions of past and present in “Back to the Future”, so can we. I need one of those souped-up cars and wild hair, first of all.

We are delving deep within our non-technical minds to search for answers. I have a feeling that this will take time. As we work on that, I’ll keep posting here with new blog entries.

Anyway, my chickadees, there is good news to report: Alexandra has a new camera! I love my old point-and-shoot for its ease and speed. Yet this one actually captures Misha and Grisha’s little black Scottie faces. A shame that they were not better groomed at this particular moment.

The kids look spectacular through these lenses, I can capture their essence, while blurring all of the junk in the background. It doesn’t get much better than that-!

Petya, my 14-year-old, teenaged tech support helped me to become acquainted with this new apparatus, snapping quite a cute and whimsical pic of moi which I’ll put on the new blog, as well. A shame that I was not better groomed at that particular moment (the jewels were in the vault).

It might not be the most direct route to our upgraded blog, but it will be scenic!


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