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Brandeis Bungles Ayaan Hirsi-Ali

ayaan-hirsi-aliThe biggies at Brandeis University in Massachusetts took one big step backwards in terms of progress.  As a matter of fact, the big step was like a drop off of a cliff.

You see, they had decided to honor human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi-Ali, a Somali-American and former Muslim who speaks out about her past.  She underwent such things as female genital mutilation and other realities of how women are treated in Muslim countries. Today, she holds the position of visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

So Brandeis wanted to award the writer an honorary degree forhirsiali her outspoken activism.  However, as anyone who holds a strong opinion knows, not everyone appreciates confidence, particularly when found in uber-opinionated women.

Petitions started to circulate at Brandeis, calling attention to the fact that some consider her views virulently anti-Muslim.

Which would be correct….

And others consider that she is pro-Israel.

Which would also be correct….

Brandeis-University-SignEnter pro-Muslim activists who stir things up even more, with the Muslim Brotherhood, and a former PLO operative, and a Hamas-linked group in the background pulling the strings.  Before your know it, Ayaan Hirsi-Ali gets a call from Brandeis saying that her honorary degree has been canceled.

So much for free expression, and for silencing those who have lived under radical Islam and now speak about against it. 

Maybe it’s time to send Brandeis President Fred Lawrence an e-mail:  lawrence@brandeis.edu.  Or write toayaan-hirsi-ali-1 their website e-mail: http://www.brandeis.edu/about/contact.html. 

Ask them why they caved to the critics, and why they will not let this woman speak about her own very revealing experiences with radical Islam.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    To uninvite her is worse than not honoring her at all! The Muslim faction has in essence silenced her right to free speech. Our family will be rethinking Brandeis for sure.

  2. avatar Karen says:

    They should be ashamed. I am going to write them. Her quote says it all – Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. The university is bowing to the loudest voices. Time to speak up.

    • avatar admin says:

      I feel the same, Karen. They really wimped out on this one in an effort to be politically correct. The lady has had death threats against her for years because she dares to say that radical Islam is dangerous. And a Jewish university cowers….

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