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Camp Photos from Afar

counsellorsThey are in staff training for the next few days before the campers arrive. Smart move.

I ask Petya to send group photos. Here the tribe leaders (counselors) are in a van, smiling wildly. They look normal and happy and dynamic.

“Great group!” I text enthusiastically.

“They’re all awesome, just like me, hehe,” I receive back.

They do look awesome. I scan the crowd for polo shirts. At the last minute, my son says he dumped some of Orientation-1his overboard from his stuffed suitcase to his messy bed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Too heavy,” he responded.

Now we all know that any overweight situation would stem from: either too many heavy shoes, or too many heavy toiletries, meant to take him through the month.

“Put the heavy stuff in the backpack and the lighter, bulkier stuff in the suitcase,” I instruct.

CabinOf course, I came from the era when cool campers took big trunks to sleepaway camp, but that was then….

So here are the tribe leaders, not one wearing a polo or collared shirt. Maybe I thought this was croquet camp?

In comes a pic of the cabins, spread among grassy fields and clusters of trees. Then we have his bunk. Next arrives a sunset photo of him in front of the small mountains with beautiful sky full of color. Finally, the leaders are building the campfire, probably for their first pre-camper powwow and strategy session.

Lord, help him. Lord, help me.

I pass out just before 10:00 pm after a couple of days with a couple of hours’ sleep each, thinking he must sunsethave had to turn in his phone as detrimental to camp life. Then, about midnight I awake with a start. Shortly after my slip into lala land, he texted goodnight. His father was kind enough to tell him in the group conversation that I was no longer in the land of the living. Petya says he loves us about 100x and that everyone there is amazing.

All is well. The crickets must be singing and the fireflies dancing.


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