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Cancer Cure-!

thA cancer trial undertaken by doctors at the Mayo Clinic has much of the world talking. The new therapy, which involves injecting the patient with the measles virus—enough to immunize 10 million people-!—worked well on a 50-year-old Stacy Erholtz suffering from myeloma and who had multiple tumors, despite chemotherapy and stem cell transplants.

Tried on two patients, the other whose cancer had not penetrated the bone marrow, but was confined to the leg muscles, it only worked on Erholtz. And it sounded as though the two patients had tried most everything already, so had little to lose. Still, it’s a scary thing to attemptindex an experimental therapy.

Administering the dosage would take an hour. Erholtz immediately felt an excruciating headache which is where one of her most severe tumors was Cancer vaccinelocated on her forehead. Her temperature soared to 105 degrees, and she was shaking and vomiting. After a day-and-a-half, she could feel the tumor shrinking.

I don’t understand much of the scientific working of an engineered virus that infects and kills cancer cells. They say that larger trials need to be performed before anyone gets their hopes up.

But still… it sounds pretty hopeful, don’t you think?


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