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Candy Store Mafia

2965558143_f329061681_zMy husband is Sicilian, not that he can help it. He’s not dark and swarthy, more brown hair and hazel eyes, and an all-round nice guy. But stereotypes die hard, as the rest of us from Russian backgrounds understand.

He walked into a candy store the other day with a couple of our kids and the manager called out to any and all, “Hey, we have a mob boss here!”

Maybe it was Benedetto’s dark glasses, or the scarf around his neck, or his black sports jacket. Might ar125494154144719have been the kids in their leather jackets, or me in my shades, lounging outside with the Sicilian mobster Scotties….

“Who you callin’ a mob boss?” my husband-the-nice-guy challenged. At least he didn’t say “yous guys”.

“You. You’re a mob boss, right?”

“I am from a Sicilian town,” he acknowledged.

“A town, or a family?” the candy man pressed.

“Yeah, the family, too,”

“I knew it.”

th“So make me an offer I can’t refuse,” my husband laughed, while perusing the goods.

Benedetto and the kids picked out three chewy, gooey, bear claws full of white and milk chocolate, chewy caramel and nuts. Only three of the six of us felt they needed an upturn in their sugar and caloric intake.

“You’ll need the box,” the manager insisted, pulling out a candy box intended for much-bigger purchases.

“No, really, we’re not getting a lot, a bag will be fine….”hqdefault

“You need the box,” he repeated.

“Okay, I’ll need the box…. But we’re only buying three items.” Benedetto knew a bit of Middle Eastern bargaining and when to hold firm, and when to acquiesce.

After the man weighed our three items and figured out the price which my mate approximated to be the cost of a monthly mortgage, the manager started adding fistfuls of delicious, homemade pralines and other decadent delights—gratis.

Which only goes to show that nice guys don’t always finish last. Me and the mob boss got to sample a sweet bite, as well.


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