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Capacity Building

capacitybuildingRecently, I’ve been considering capacity building—whether in terms of human potential, mental capacity, financial capacity, leadership capacity and organizational capacity. What are the attitudes or beliefs or practices that limit us in life?

Is the desire to change and expand ourselves enough? Or are some folks, no matter how earnest they are, simply incapable of true and lasting change?

I believe it calls for commitment and that’s what separates the doers from the wannabes. Without buildingblocksthe building-blocks of attitude and vision and strategy, it’s all just wishful thinking.

So to involve planning means to be moving forward, expanding and growing.

What is our maximum limit? Or do we have one? Is there a ceiling against which we’re fighting, or simply that we have not yet pressed forward sufficiently? Do we seek to develop ourselves or diminish ourselves? Which activities strengthen skills and abilities?

Think about what you have in terms of holding capacity and offering capacity. Is something holding you back? It might be the willingness to stick with a program, whether it’s learning a new skill or continuing on a new and healthy regime. It could be the mind-set that you can control your words or emotions, no matter what happens around you. It may possibly be achieving a certain level of sales even if nobody that you know has ever attained such a goal before.

above-and-beyondImagine giving out powerful and encouraging words to those in your sphere. Think of how it would feel to change someone else’s life, in addition to your own. Consider tweaking whatever needs to be done and going above and beyond.

And sustaining that capacity.

Why not you? Why not now?

You can, you should, you will.


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