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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Archaeology is a Dirty Business

If you enter a convenience store and glimpse a guy or gal covered in sweat and dirt, they may not be a local landscaper or construction worker. It might be your local archaeologists fresh from the field, using the facilities or grabbing a quick drink or snack. Archaeology is a dirty business. There are those…


Fifteen Things I’ve Learned from Archaeology

It can be hot working outside in the middle of 100-degree summer, even with shade canopies. Interns and newly-employed young adults with graduate degrees can be delightful. It’s possible to be an archaeologist, filthy-dirty, and still wear wild nail polish. When there’s no TV and limited internet, many people tend to drink and play charades…


Plantation Archaeology

I am in residence this week at an historic plantation with a tremendous archaeology program. The quiet grounds spread before us, over 2,000 acres in the rolling countryside. For the first time since college, I have roommates— two other tremendous ladies when there should be five in our room. We get along so well and…


Monday Mottoes – #144

In search of a remote archaeological site, we understood that there were no paths to follow. Welcome signs and labelling of what-was-what would be forthcoming several years down the line. It was a newer site, one that nobody could quite comprehend on their own. So we went. Past this community, in the midst of heavy…


Why I Am Unnatural… In Archaeology

It’s surprising, it’s shocking, it’s semi-out-of-character, but you know I have become more and more involved in archaeology at home and abroad. I worked in the field decades ago, not as an uber-professional. But with advanced degrees, at first on a lark, later taking it more seriously, it’s now part of my life. And nobody…


Life in the Pits

My life is in the pits.  Archaeological pits, that is.  For now, we are excavating, my oldest son and I.  The weather is much better than expected, so I can’t complain– about 62 degrees and overcast, really lovely for heavy physical labor. Here I am, measuring away, making sure our levels are… level!  Otherwise, you…


Out to the Wild… Sans Scotties

Heading out to the field for a couple of days. Not sure if there will be any internet. I will keep you posted, possibly by smoke signals. Pray that my Scotties survive without me. They may twitch and mumble in their sleep, but they will still be dreaming of me. Everyone should have such loyal…


Bathrooms on a Dig

As the spring dig season shapes up, budding archaeologists face a variety of conditions. If you’re concerned about dirt, snakes, holes, heat or cold, archaeology might not be your thing. Should those concerns include bathroom issues, it’s really not for you. Lightbulb moment: An excavation might not be for me. A bit too late for…


Springtime Archaeological Digs

Putting Russia on hold for the moment while the story continues to reach epic proportions, we turn our sights to… archaeological sites. Many opportunities arise as spring arrives and most likely Petya and I will head to a few for varying lengths of time. Which brings up the issue of what kind of digs are…


My Scholarly Talk on Terrorism

I’ve been asked to give a scholarly talk, a lecture among intelligentsia. I giggle and laugh nervously to myself as I read the e-mail invitation. It’s a rather specialized topic, comparing ancient terrorism and propaganda with modern-day attempts at the same. Really not that unusual at all. This remains the cheapest way to wage war….