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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Monday Mottoes – #196

A lot of transitions occurring at our house. Everybody is involved in some sort of change— a couple of them being pushed and pulled into the future and others leaping their way there. It’s all in the mindset, I’m convinced of it. The fact is, everybody is capable. Either find a niche where you naturally…


A Good Night’s Sleep

Oh, to have a good night’s sleep. It’s not that I have many trying situations that keep me up at night. Granted, there are speeches to write, legal contracts to review and rewrite, deals to negotiate. But it’s the nonsensical things of life that keep me awake during the two hours that I desperately, truly…


Rich People Behave Differently

Showed the kids a humorous, ten-minute or so video discussing the habits of rich folks. In general, I would agree with most of them, but, as could be expected, they depended on oversimplifications. They listed poor people’s behaviors and then rich people’s behaviors. Here are a few that explain what rich people might do: Eat…


How to Play the Handyman Game

The saga continues. As I said, I will chase you down because I need workers and I need them now. It’s really not okay if you eventually show up… three weeks from now. But does anyone want a handyman… who doesn’t want to work? Or, more accurately, who is balancing 20 other jobs? So, our…

The Trumps1

Mrs. Trump Comes to Washington

Just is case you’ve been vacationing in Lower Slobovia and haven’t heard the news: FLOTUS and son have joined POTUS to reside at The White House in Washington, DC. Yes, the First Lady is coming home to roost. I am acquainted with many in the city, but I don’t know Mrs. Trump, yet. So allow…


Monday Mottoes – #194

Everyone has a lot to accomplish, between work and family, leisure and upkeep of homes or cars. These things take time, not to mention community or volunteer obligations. So much vies for our attention, even in our careers, how do we maintain our focus? I have friends who laugh at me because I can multitask…


I Am Not a Construction Social Worker

As most construction workers during good weather, they have too much work to handle. It takes a lot of juggling and coordinating to be at work on one job, but never have totally finished your last job, while someone at a third project becomes irritated at the delay on starting their job. And that’s when…


Monday Mottoes – #193

Incremental steps, I remind myself. Baby steps, when I really need to be taking weightless, moon-walk leaps. But Rome was not built in a day. And neither will our lives. Have you ever been trying so hard to complete a project that each setback looms big on the horizon? There are so many interchangeable, interdependent…


Negotiating 101

Know what you want. That’s it in a nutshell. If you’re aiming to close the deal on a new job, house, mate, or bargaining for a bauble from Middle Eastern markets, you must have your intended outcome in mind. Do you really want this and to what extent (or price) are you willing to go…


Cause for Celebration

I’m in the midst of a very busy time of life. This season, which has nothing to do with seasons of the year, has been particularly stressful. I need grace under pressure. Lots of it. Pulling myself out of bed this morning after three hours of sleep, I realized that I must count my blessings….