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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Current Events


Snail Mail Stamp Decisions

Generally, there is the odd postage stamp available in our home. Generally, it’s an American flag “Forever” stamp, meaning, if the postal rates go up or down, it may still be used. Do you remember back in the day when you had to buy 5-cent, 2-cent and 1-cent stamps to make your old stamps work?…


A Good Night’s Sleep

Oh, to have a good night’s sleep. It’s not that I have many trying situations that keep me up at night. Granted, there are speeches to write, legal contracts to review and rewrite, deals to negotiate. But it’s the nonsensical things of life that keep me awake during the two hours that I desperately, truly…


Semi-Adult Children Who Desperately Need Guidance

Two young men in their twenties have recently hit international news headlines and it’s not for helping little old ladies across the street. Though vastly different, their stories are similar in their tragic nature. Two men on the cusp of adulthood, their futures cut short through the poor choices executed. Now, as a parent of…


How to Play the Handyman Game

The saga continues. As I said, I will chase you down because I need workers and I need them now. It’s really not okay if you eventually show up… three weeks from now. But does anyone want a handyman… who doesn’t want to work? Or, more accurately, who is balancing 20 other jobs? So, our…


Lies & Deception: Not My Game

I don’t like lies, evasiveness or deception. Not from anybody, anytime, for any reason. It’s a deal breaker, plain and simple. The workman had said 4:30, and that he would text me about 20 minutes prior to that. I knew that every skilled tradesman was juggling two and three jobs. I knew that emergencies happened….

The Trumps1

Mrs. Trump Comes to Washington

Just is case you’ve been vacationing in Lower Slobovia and haven’t heard the news: FLOTUS and son have joined POTUS to reside at The White House in Washington, DC. Yes, the First Lady is coming home to roost. I am acquainted with many in the city, but I don’t know Mrs. Trump, yet. So allow…


Celebrating The Six-Day War: 50 Years Later

For ten points: how long was the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War of 1967? Believe it or not, I know people who have gotten the answer wrong…. But more often than that, they don’t understand how the Jewish State has been attacked time and again. For some odd reason, they believe that Israel has been the aggressor…


The Pros and Cons of Humidity

Can you say, “A dewy glow?” No, honestly, I hate humidity. Except that I don’t use the word “hate”. So… I intensely dislike humidity. Wreaks havoc with the hair, you know. Grows mold in the shower. Breeds mosquitos and mustiness. On the other hand, it mists and moisturizes the skin. If hot enough, it clears…


The Shady Side of Stenciling

I recall doing some stenciling about 100 years ago when we moved into a home that benefited from a fleur de lis or two in a remote corner. How I ended up deciding to do a couple of signs recently is anyone’s guess since I might be termed Least Likely to Succeed in the category…


Papa and his Pack of Dogs

We have two of the cutest Scottish Terriers on the face of the earth. Misha and Grisha ooze charm and charisma as our goodwill ambassadors to the nations. Even if not to the mailman and any wayward Mormons who dare to approach our property. Then the two turn into snarling, protective warrior dogs with much…