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Security Issues: Of Drones and Deep-Cover Spies

Threats to the U.S. government abound. Some may say that the greatest threats come from those actually running the country, but that’s another topic for another day. Have you heard what happened yesterday? In the early morning hours of Monday, a two-foot-long, quad copter drone (four propellers) crashed on the White House lawn. That caused…


Monday Mottoes – #73

Time to get honest. What do you want in life? I mean, really want? I spoke with a friend today who’s been battling cancer for the last six months, pulled through, and doing quite well. Her grown daughter talked about how the two of them would just sit together and cry some days, not out…


Stray Cat Saves Freezing Abandoned Baby in Russia

In the faraway town of Obninsk in Kaluga, Russia, the neighborhood stray cat rescued… an abandoned baby… left in an apartment stairwell… in freezing weather. The fact that the cat’s name was reported to be Marsha told me that something was not quite right. Marsha? What was this, the Brady Bunch? Sure enough, it was…


The Right to Bare Arms

I don’t get it. A number of families and individuals are talking about concealed carry permits and packing some heat in light of the Parisian terrorist shootings. That I understand, the right to protect yourself with a gun, the right to bear arms. But today at 3-D, we’re talking about something far more sinister here,…


Joining the Russian Army

Well, comrade, your day has come. President Putin issued a decree inviting foreigners to serve in the Russian army. Provided you’re willing to do so for at least five years. And provided you speak Russian. The promised monthly wage of $500 approximates the Russian average. For the rest of the world, certainly nothing to write…


Monday Mottoes – #71

Scores of us live very busy lives. That’s almost a given in this day and age, unless you go out of your way not to be part of any socializing, spiritualizing, careers or familial duties. Even everyday errands take time. I know you needed me to point that out. You’re welcome. So here we all…


Happy New Year 2015!

From Alexandra, Misha, Grisha, and all the friends at Destinations, Dreams and Dogs: May this be the most blessed, happy, healthy, loving, and prosperous New Year, yet! “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,…


Scottie Gift Wrap

Well, I may have received a few holiday gifts. Petite pieces full of sentiment and wrapped in beautiful… Scottie Gift Wrap!!! I was so enjoying the tiny packages with Scottish Terriers snowboarding and skiing that Benedetto had to remind me to open them. This little bag. That little bag. I was surrounded by my bearded…


Holidays in the City

I love my city, Washington, DC. Even though we reside there half a week and love our other location, too, there’s something special about holidays in the city. Maybe I’ve been watching too many “Eloise at the Plaza” and “Home Alone 2” movies with the kids over the years…. Here we enjoy the National Christmas…


A Miraculously Peaceful Holiday

A lovely, relaxed day.   It’s been a while. We smiled, we chatted, we celebrated. The family had started over.  All was calm, all was bright. When you have six people, four of them somewhat-touchy teens, along with two jaded parents, it’s not easy getting everyone on the same page at the same time. But it…

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