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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Saying Yes to Life

Around the world, news reports make even the strongest of us want to despair. Where’s the world’s culture headed?   I think of young Yazidi and Christian girls offered as sex slaves to ISIS fighters who demonstrate a knowledge of the Koran and in our own American culture, cross-dressers hailed as brave heroes. Then in the…


Monday Mottoes – #96

As everyone knows, it’s possible for things to take a turn for the worse. My son, Petya, and I had prepared for our archaeological lab test, part of a state certification program, reported to last approximately two hours. In we went to face the music. Seven-and-a-half hours later, it was over. Exhausted, drained, semi-elated… we…


Mashenka’s Summer Job Search

Our third oldest, Mashenka, has just turned 17. Last summer she had a part-time job on Thursdays and Fridays scooping ice cream and assisting at a mini-golf place. Both operated together and her oldest brother, Petya, was working not far away at the main golf course of the same establishment. This summer, 18.5-year-old Petya worked…


Trapped at 30,000 Feet

If your summertime travel plans include plane flights to Paris, Punjab or Peru, I might have a few high-altitude travel tips for you. Try not to breathe any of the recirculated air which is deadly. Wear a surgical mask for those moments when you feel you must breathe. Try not to touch any aircraft bathroom…


Thunder Dogs

The clouds rolled in, threatening and ominous. I was surprised as the family rushed to our evening meeting that it hadn’t started pouring, yet. But it was about to start. Thankfully, we arrived early and missed the downpour and deluge that came immediately afterward. However, many of our friends were stuck in it and squeaked…


Monday Mottoes – #95

Charleston is a very special city. A microcosm of rich and poor, black and white, students and professionals, tourists and locals, all casually cross paths in what’s been known for centuries as the Holy City. Referring to its Catholic roots, houses of worship proliferate including Protestant churches and Jewish synagogues. But of late, Charleston’s citizens…


Happy 75th Anniversary, Archaeological Society of Virginia!

This past weekend, the Archaeological Society of Virginia celebrated its 75th anniversary. Coinciding with the auspicious occasion was the added commemoration of 10 years of headquartering at Kittiewan Plantation, the Colonial home of Dr. William Rickman, head surgeon of the Continental Army in Virginia, constructed 1770-1790 and occupied by Union Army in June 1864. My…


The U.S. Supreme Court’s Chutzpah

Do foreign governments come to America and locate their official Embassy in New York or San Francisco? Consulates, maybe, can be located elsewhere, but our capital is our capital. Not so with Jerusalem, where the United States refuses to place its Embassy, preferring Tel Aviv, instead. Outrageous. It seems that foreign nations have no compunctions…


Putin’s Propaganda Trolls

Rumors have abounded for years. Putin pays people to like him and his government. If you can’t win friends the legitimate way…. Hopefully, his government is paying these social media whizzes, a few that have tried to comment on this humble blog, because the Russian president needs to protect his own private net worth estimated…


The Destroy-the-Duggars Juggernaut

I’m not sure I want to address this. My persuasion is that sexual abuse of any kind borders on the horrific. It’s bad, violating both the perpetrator and the victim. What are the allegations against Josh Duggar, 27-year-old husband and soon father-to-four? Apparently, when he was 14 years old, he fondled some of the other…

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