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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Monday’s Mottoes – #49

So, it happened. Our oldest daughter, Mashenka’s, first day at work. Scheduled for one day per week, she would scoop ice cream at the same complex where her oldest brother, Petya, would drive her and where he would work on the golf course. How did it go, inquiring minds might ask? “Awesome!” said Petya, up…


Meriam Ibrahim’s Freedom Flight-!

We interrupt this day of stocks going down while the heat index goes up to bring some good news… Meriam Ibrahim, young Sudanese wife and mother imprisoned for her Christian faith… is now safe and sound on Italian soil. All we can say is “Bravo!” to the Italians and “Praise the Lord!” to the one…


Israel’s Right to Defend Herself

Imagine 6,000 missiles coming across the border from Mexico or Canada each year. (Never mind the 77,000+ children crossing into the US this year, we’ll leave that for another day….) An average of 6,000 missiles and rockets are launched against Israel every. single. year. Do ya ever hear much about it? Recently, those numbers escalated….


Monday Mottoes – #48

Is it possible to live a life of no excuses? I wonder. Do we make excuses and justify ourselves because we have done wrong, or do we simply shrug off the idea of being less than perfect? Or, do we continue striving and give ourselves a coronary in the process? Which, of course, does not…

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Back-to-School Bling

It’s almost one month until school begins in some locales, which means that back-to-school supplies are cropping up everywhere. Along with the usual notebooks, erasers, pens and pencils, I glimpsed a few new items that are worth reporting. Particularly for teen girls with an eye for bling. Let me tell you, this kind of stuff…


Islam is the Problem

Are there moderate Muslims in the world? Certainly. Are they speaking out about radical Muslims and the harm they cause? Not so much. Right now, Islam is on the rampage in so many hotspots of the world, but we’ll target two today: the global jihad (holy war) against Christians and Jews. The first, waged by…


The Right Rain Changes Everything

The right rain. There are destructive rains—you know, those severe storms that breed hurricanes, high winds, downed trees, strong flooding, and power failures. But then there are those rains that come in with fresh gusts of wind and a cooling, calming presence. They make everything clean. The humidity halves. The hot temperatures drop. It’s refreshing….


Monday Mottoes – #46

To your way of thinking, is there a link between education and manners? One would imagine that there doesn’t have to be any connection per se, but there very well may be. My early-morning travels have encouraged me to reconsider that notion. Generally, when out on the highway journeying before dawn, I take a break…


Celebrating Independence

Barbeques, beaches, fireworks and family – that’s how the Fourth of July is celebrated by many Americans. We celebrate freedom and independence from Great Britain, but what exactly happened on that date? Independence was declared on July 2nd, when the final draft of the declaration was submitted, the very fancy draft was signed by “John…


Monday Mottoes – #45

I recall my first-ever summer job. I had just turned 16 and felt that it was time to start earning some shekels. At the time, about the most glamorous position I could imagine was to apprentice myself to an attorney—answering the phone, typing, running papers downtown to court. Going methodically through the phone book, I…

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