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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Do You Believe?

As Passover and Easter approach, it seems like a rather legitimate question: do you believe? And thus, Pure Flix has unveiled its latest movie offering on the big screen of theaters near you, entitled, Do You Believe? For those not in the know or flow, it’s a Christian movie (the big cross in all of…


Terrorists Claiming the Hearts & Minds of a Generation

It baffles the mind, it really does. Why would suburban teens and twentysomethings from other countries rally to join the bloody rampage of ISIS? Too many videogames where virtual enemies are happily snuffed out by warm and well-fed young people? I would argue that most everyone was created to live for something. Or fall for…


Gender Confusion at the Gym: Planet Fitness Plays Dumb

Oh. come. on. You gotta be kidding. After 100 years, I finally join the gym. I plunk down my $10/month and work out a couple of times a week, interspersing with my normal outdoor routine. I wait till the new year rush of January/February resolution-makers runs out and at last, I feel hopeful that I…


The Road Less Traveled: Staying Home for Spring Break

Exhaustion, snow storms, the economy, or any of a number of other considerations can lead folks to stay home come spring break. I mean, if you can’t get away, you can’t. Often thought to be a vacation time for college students, many professionals and families in the Northeast and Midwest are ready to head somewhere,…


What is Purim & Why It Matters

The Jewish holiday of Purim is little known in the world-at-large, yet its significance is massive. In 586 BC, the Jewish people had their Temple in Jerusalem destroyed by the invading armies of King Nebuchadnezzar. Years later, Babylon falls to the Medes and Persians. Living in captivity and exile in Babylon and Persia (modern-day Iran…


Netanyahu Knows Best

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress eliciting everything from attacks to applause both here and abroad. With his own re-election approaching in Israel, this was not the best time for him to come to America to be critiqued this way and that. I have my own novel take on why he…


Shooting the Opposition Messenger, Russian-Style

Yet another of Russian President Putin’s opponents was gunned-down over the weekend. Boris Nemtsov, 55, walking across a bridge over the Moskva River with his Ukrainian model-girlfriend, 23, near Moscow’s Kremlin. He was shot to death from a speeding car and his companion remained unharmed. She is being held as a witness. The opposition leader…


Will the Ceasefire Hold in Ukraine?

According to US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, highly unlikely. She alleges that Putin continues to ship heavy weapons and troops across the border to the separatists operating in Ukraine. Much of the west tends to agree. They do not trust the Russian president. At all. Other commentators argue that, rather than accuse him…


The Islamization of America

People, our country is going wild. I would say it’s going to the dogs, but that might be too positive. I like dogs. For now, America is underwhelming me. And that’s a shame, because you could not find someone more patriotic than moi. Yet, we have a president who seems divorced from reality and an…


Our Well-Groomed Little Guys

What can I say, our Scotties were looking scruffy. Their groomer had retired, and yes, I had tried my best to snip their coats here and there—around the feet, the distinctive eyebrows, the carrot-shaped tail. But no, I’m no superwoman. Despite the fact that we had bought some professional tools, I could not (yet) groom…

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