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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Monday Mottoes – #203

Possibly the one truly non-renewable resource is time. It’s a commodity in great demand, yet many simply give up and throw in the towel, rather than harness their daily schedule. Could it be phone calls, e-mails, stop-byes and interruptions at the office that eat up your time? I had a friend who oversaw an entire…


Jilting Al Jazeera

The hatred-filled Al Jazeera “news” network from Qatar is being kicked to the curb yet again. Numerous Arab nations have found the network’s radical Muslim stance particularly suited to inciting violence and have rejected their broadcasts. The United States also does not allow them to broadcast, but their articles and videos may be found online…


Russian Diplomatic Retaliation

In tit-for-tat sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a staff reduction of the US diplomatic mission in Russia. While the 755 dismissed employees will be sure to cause inconvenience, it is most likely that the majority of those fired may come from the ranks of Russian citizens. Yes, Russians working in the American Embassy property…


Monday Mottoes – #200

This is our 200th blog post in the Monday Mottoes series— time for something different, maybe a departure from productivity, success, business…. Around our home, we’ve been thinking a lot about friendship. Our oldest daughter, Mashenka, 19, had a girlfriend she had met long ago at camp visiting with us for most of the last…


Comparing Your Kids to Others

Our family’s children, most of them moving from their teens to their twenties at this point, fall short in a variety of ways. They’re not so sure about their future plans, they might want to talk back upon occasion, they lack in the area of personal initiative…. But on the whole, when coached, they possess…


You Can’t Go to the Slammer— It’s Your Birthday!

A funny thing happened on the way to Benedetto’s birthday party this week. One of the cities in which we lived informed him that he was in violation of one ordinance or another and would immediately be fined something to the tune of $1005/day, or he would need to spend the next 30 days in…



I’m sort of a black-and-white, right-or-wrong, you’re either in-or-out type of gal. Yet, in many areas of life it’s difficult to even enjoy straightforward tastes or colors anymore, from tutti-frutti banana-kiwi-mango-papaya drinks to blue-green paint chips. I think it’s a fear of commitment in general, whether sticking with one career for more than a few…


Monday Mottoes – #199

It’s summertime, a lovely time to get ahead in life. When everyone else seems to be lazing around in hammocks or by the pool, you can be forging ahead in life. After all, vacay does not mean delay. Take the laptop with you. Make notes on the legal pad or the iPad. Strategize and scheme….


Doctor in the House? No—They’re All on Vacation-!

It’s across the board (get it—? Board-certifiied??? lol- this early in the morning, I’m making myself laugh-), doctors are on vacation. Whatever you do, don’t become ill during July or August, because you’ll be up the creek and in deep trouble, for sure. Everywhere one turns, there’s a physician on vacay, if my interactions are…


Teen Summer Job Interviews

Our kids are finishing up their school year a bit late. That’s what happens when you travel the world and also when you don’t pay attention to your calendar. Personally, I like to see an end date and then work backwards from there, but hey, not everyone listens to me. Consequently, it’s mid-July and they…