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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Our Dogs’ Love Languages

The family’s two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, each have a language all their own.  I’d like to think of them as love languages, yet, sometimes, they’re anything but.  Take, for example, Misha’s powerful nose hitting me in the back of the knee should I venture into the kitchen and not toss a tidbit his way. …


Out for a Walk with the Scotties

“Walk” may be the wrong term for the constant tug-of-war known as a walk with our Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  Misha starts by nosing me—wham, wham, wham, like a shark—in the back of the knee should I be standing, or the side of the leg if sitting.  Then Grisha has to run through several…


My Scotties Double as Escargots

You know my non-stop love affair with my Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  They are small-to-medium sized, yet their big, barrel chests, sturdy, strong legs, and large, cuddly heads make them seem like they belong in the medium-sized dog category.  As has been commented more than once before, they are big dogs in little dog…


Snow Dogs

Scottish Terriers Misha and Grisha love the snow.  It wasn’t always like this.  Once upon a time, simply dressing the little guys in their sweaters or jackets would render them frozen, immobile statues. Now they’ve grown with the years and enjoy a good romp through the fluffy stuff:  piles of snow heaped on their noses,…


The Scotties Celebrated, Too-!

Misha and Grisha, the Scottish Terriers, were up to their usual antics.  On Christmas morn, they decided to sleep in till 7:00 a.m., which was quite unusual for the two who usually get me up around 5:00 (if not 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00). Everyone showered and dressed, except for them.  They would get their holiday…


Season’s Greetings from the Scotties

What are Misha and Grisha doing for the holidays, you might ask?  Then again, you might not ask, and think of all the fun you would miss. The two Scottish Terriers anticipate rawhide twisties to gnaw on, fires to doze in front of, and holiday celebrations in the dining room when a scrap might drop…


Monday Mottoes – #12

Once upon a time, we traveled all the time.  About four flights a week, often abroad.  I told Benedetto the one thing I missed in life was having a dog.  (Children were not my highest priority, go figure.) He said that I could have one, as soon as we got our own plane, our own…


Kids or Canines Out of Context

When you become a parent, you are known as being “so-and-so’s parent”.  It’s natural, it happens, that’s how folks know you in context. Therefore, when you’re known as your dog’s family, it doesn’t seem like too much of a leap. On Columbus Day, our family was out and about, strolling with Misha and Grisha, our…


Misha’s Doggy Birthday

Yes, our big ol’ little guy turned 7, Misha the Scottie with the Russian name.  What to do, what to do to celebrate?  His birthday followed hot on the heels of Petya’s 17th (and our cyber-friend Sybil’s daughter, who has the same b-day, but is a few years older, already in college).  Since we have…


My Scottish Terrier Woodchuck Wannabes

Our dogs spied Benedetto pulling down some ivy vines and other underbrush seeking to take over the back walls of our home.  Ever the able-bodied helpers and ready for fun of any kind, Scotties Misha and Grisha bounded into the underbrush, their grandma-what-big-teeth-you-have jaws working overtime. I understand that woodchucks, who are the same as…

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