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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Friends Encouraging Friends

So many changes in so many friends’ lives. All of them good, all of them breakthroughs. It’s special to be able to cheer them on to victory, to be there in good times and bad. Isn’t that what life is all about, to give someone else an encouraging word and to rejoice with them when…


Thunder Dogs

The clouds rolled in, threatening and ominous. I was surprised as the family rushed to our evening meeting that it hadn’t started pouring, yet. But it was about to start. Thankfully, we arrived early and missed the downpour and deluge that came immediately afterward. However, many of our friends were stuck in it and squeaked…


When Your Baby is Hurt

It was quite late one night when I noticed that Grisha the Scottie was limping. Already fast asleep on our bed, I thought that he might have been stretching and felt some middle-aged stiffness setting in.   The first clue was that Grisha peered straight into my face and held my gaze, as though saying, “Help…


Our Well-Groomed Little Guys

What can I say, our Scotties were looking scruffy. Their groomer had retired, and yes, I had tried my best to snip their coats here and there—around the feet, the distinctive eyebrows, the carrot-shaped tail. But no, I’m no superwoman. Despite the fact that we had bought some professional tools, I could not (yet) groom…


Stray Cat Saves Freezing Abandoned Baby in Russia

In the faraway town of Obninsk in Kaluga, Russia, the neighborhood stray cat rescued… an abandoned baby… left in an apartment stairwell… in freezing weather. The fact that the cat’s name was reported to be Marsha told me that something was not quite right. Marsha? What was this, the Brady Bunch? Sure enough, it was…


Doggy Dreams

A cold and rainy night called for the family to lounge in front of a crackling fire. A couple of kids lay sprawled on the carpet, a couple more sat on comfortable chairs, while the dogs piled on the couch with Benedetto and moi. So relaxed and comfortable and drowsy, Misha dozed off and began…


Happy New Year 2015!

From Alexandra, Misha, Grisha, and all the friends at Destinations, Dreams and Dogs: May this be the most blessed, happy, healthy, loving, and prosperous New Year, yet! “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,…


Scottie Gift Wrap

Well, I may have received a few holiday gifts. Petite pieces full of sentiment and wrapped in beautiful… Scottie Gift Wrap!!! I was so enjoying the tiny packages with Scottish Terriers snowboarding and skiing that Benedetto had to remind me to open them. This little bag. That little bag. I was surrounded by my bearded…


Dogs Gone Wild

Our city house has a small backyard that’s fenced so the dogs can run and explore. The two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, have constant adventures as though the world were spreading before them. In reality, it’s a patch of grassy lawn, some flowers and veggies, raspberries that they love to pilfer, lots of trees around…


An Autumn Doggy Walk

Misha and Grisha, our Scottish Terriers with the Russian names, love this time of year. The crisp air and brisk wind must remind them of their genetically-native Scotland. They’ve invited you to join them as they remember a recent constitutional out-and-about. It was a usual day, the two of them appearing suspicious and simply too…

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