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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Out to the Wild… Sans Scotties

Heading out to the field for a couple of days. Not sure if there will be any internet. I will keep you posted, possibly by smoke signals. Pray that my Scotties survive without me. They may twitch and mumble in their sleep, but they will still be dreaming of me. Everyone should have such loyal…


On Orphans and Rescue Dogs

Just recently, a number of acquaintances have passed away and as I searched my own photo archives for any possible pictures of them for their loved ones, I came across photos of our kids when they first came home. Amazing. Shocking. Night-and-day. All were cute, even in the Russian orphanage. Their hair and clothes appeared…


Dogs Who Feel Deeply

Our Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha, are the family’s big babies. They love to cuddle, snuggle, play, eat… and get into trouble. The Scotties sniff in closets, trash cans, suitcases and backpacks for a tasty morsel or a dirty sock. Their trouble-seeking behaviors are exacerbated when they are missing the family. Let one of us…


Chinese Girls Raised by Rats

In one of the most surprising discoveries of our decade, twin girls in Shanghai were found to be living among rats in the city sewers. Lacking language, clothing and possibly any significant previous contact with humans, sewer workers glimpsed them there and then again at a city dump. They were followed by thousands – thousands…


Scottie Rescued from Raisinets

We don’t have much candy in our home, we truly don’t. But some retired friends pass a few mini-candy bars, or M&Ms, or Milk Duds to our kids on a once/week basis. Yep, let’s pin the crime on the old folks…. Turns out that Misha the Scottish Terrier jumped up and down and finally nudged…


Monday Mottoes – #126

Dogs who cuddle are right up there with jetting around the world, well-mannered children and chocolate chip cookies. I mean, what could be better? Our Scotties, Misha and Grisha, love to be sandwiched in-between us on the couch as the family watches a movie together. They enjoy being salsicce side-by-side in the car. At night…


A Winter Scottie Romp at the Park

Oh, to be free and a Scottie and take a romp in the doggie park! Here’s Misha the big guy doing his thing at the start of the New Year… Grisha the little guy is there somewhere, too….  Gotta love those Scottish Terriers with Russian names-! 21130


Scottie 911

I asked my kids an innocent-enough question: where was their father? Turns out he caught one of our Scotties on a remote porch scarfing down mouse poison that had fallen to ground level. Mouse poison-! Before he could tell anyone, he scooped up 20-pound Misha and whisked him off to the veterinary hospital five minutes…


Our Scotties on an Autumn Stroll

Here are Misha and Grisha walking through the woods and past a quarry. They run up on the rocks and look for errant bunnies and squirrels and maybe a coyote, but I’d rather not think about that. Both of them love the beautiful, colorful fall leaves plastered on the path. Then the Scotties climb the…


Our Scotties & the Time Change

Most of us with dogs are used to getting up at daybreak or before to take them for their first walk of the day. Yet, ever since our clocks fell back one hour, all of the dogs that I know are rising anywhere from one to 1.5 hours early. No one sent them the memo….