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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



A Pet’s Passing

I am thankful for every day we enjoy with Misha and Grisha, our amazing black Scottish Terriers. They are big love machines with little guy bodies on sturdy legs, happy to run, eat, and sleep. And of course do their big business, which they’ve been doing a lot of in recent days, but that’s another…


Our Dogs Send Me Selfies

Benedetto and I went out to lunch a couple of hours away for his birthday. The kids kept everything under control in our absence. We enjoyed adult conversation amongst fine linen and even finer art. Round about my husband’s key lime tart with vanilla sauce and raspberry coulis, our dogs, Misha and Grisha, started participating…


Another Funny Summer Flick

Do you want a movie full of adventure, a bit of Russian language, and dogs? Look no farther. This is a film with no swearing and plenty of good messages. The bad guys get into trouble, and the good guys/dogs come out on top. On Netflix, our family watched yet another in the series of…


Cancer-Locating Canines

We’ve all heard of bomb-sniffing and drug-routing dogs, but a recent report from the U.K. tells of a woman’s dog who alerted her to… cancer in her body. Strange but true, Emilie Clark reveals that her miniature dachshund, Mia, was the first one to let her know that she had a problem. The five-year-old rescue…


The Doggies Go to a Sleepover

Our little lovey Scotties headed out for their very own sleepaway. In order for our family to spend one or two days away, Misha and Grisha had to go to a friend’s house. There, they played footsie under closed doors with cat friends who were tucked away when they came to visit, while our boys…


The Nocturnal Routines of Confused Scotties

My dogs are mad at me. In honor of Mother’s Day, the Scottish Terriers got to stay with me as my son and I wind up our several months of remaining more-or-less at the dacha while he completes his final high school tennis season. It’s heady stuff, but what do the dogs know? They lick…


Our Dogs’ Love Languages

The family’s two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, each have a language all their own.  I’d like to think of them as love languages, yet, sometimes, they’re anything but.  Take, for example, Misha’s powerful nose hitting me in the back of the knee should I venture into the kitchen and not toss a tidbit his way. …


Out for a Walk with the Scotties

“Walk” may be the wrong term for the constant tug-of-war known as a walk with our Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  Misha starts by nosing me—wham, wham, wham, like a shark—in the back of the knee should I be standing, or the side of the leg if sitting.  Then Grisha has to run through several…


My Scotties Double as Escargots

You know my non-stop love affair with my Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  They are small-to-medium sized, yet their big, barrel chests, sturdy, strong legs, and large, cuddly heads make them seem like they belong in the medium-sized dog category.  As has been commented more than once before, they are big dogs in little dog…


Snow Dogs

Scottish Terriers Misha and Grisha love the snow.  It wasn’t always like this.  Once upon a time, simply dressing the little guys in their sweaters or jackets would render them frozen, immobile statues. Now they’ve grown with the years and enjoy a good romp through the fluffy stuff:  piles of snow heaped on their noses,…

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