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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



CoverGirl’s CoverBoy: No, No, No

This is disturbing on so many levels. Do men use cosmetics? Yes, upon occasion. I have no problem acknowledging that a guy could need a moisturizer. He may have a blemish that requires a coverup. If he’s in the public eye, a bronzer might give him a healthy glow. For television appearances, light powder would…


Crunching Numbers for My Kids

With so much talk of STEM studies (science, technology, engineering and math) for US students, I can tell you first-hand that not all students are buying into the greater need for science-based learning. In our family, I work to reverse that trend, if not for high school, then perhaps for college or even life-long learning….


Monday Mottoes – #167

The end of the year is upon us. One more month and 2016 will be a thing of the past. What have we accomplished? What’s yet to be done? Maybe you’ve “learned from the past” and not even made any goals. Or perhaps the list of hopes and dreams has remained that: a fairy tale…


Rising at 2:00 am for Black Friday?

Are you part of the post-Thanksgiving frenzy of shoppers flooding stores today? Discounts, sales and slashed prices beckon for shoppers in search of the best prices. Personally, I enjoy shopping in a quiet, empty store whenever possible. Loud music, other customers impinging on my personal space and picked-over merchandise make me want to flee the…


Diamonds, Polkadots and Kitchen Rehab Disaster

Friends of mine have handymen on retainers. These guys are wonderful workmen who are so awesome, they often stay to eat dinner with the family. When they decide to jet off to Eastern Europe to see their own aging parents, our friends are left high and dry. Or hot and cold. One family did not…


Monday Mottoes – #164

US Election Day approaches and I know one thing for sure, no matter which candidate wins: half of our populace will be mad and half will be glad. And probably at least a third of our citizenry will not even vote at all. Sad. Yet, if they feel that their voice doesn’t matter and that…


Free Finds?

Driving down the road, I do a double-take. Our family just bypassed a perfectly-fine dining room table chair, with a sign announcing, “Free”. I laugh, imagining that most free furniture items are moth-eaten, broken, flea-infested or prove to be liabilities in any number of ways. Yet, I am inexplicably drawn to this chair. “Put it…


Monday Mottoes – #158

Following with interest the story of Israel Kristal, age 113, who will be celebrating his belated bar mitzvah, one century later, got me to thinking. How do people spring back after being knocked down time and time and again? Growing up in what would become Poland, Kristal was motherless when his father went to fight…


Stretching for More in Home and Business

Are you ready to snap? Welcome to the rubber band life, where stretching is the only way to take new territory. Your average parent doesn’t like the idea of stretch marks, whether in the physical body through birth, in your wallet and sense of privacy through invasive adoption costs and questions, or the later psychic…


AmeriMama Lures Pregnant Russians

With headlines blazing, I thought for a moment this was a program for pregnant Russian women to give birth in America… in order for Americans to adopt Russian babies-! Now there’s an idea to skirt Russian anti-American adoption laws. But instead, it’s a scheme whereby Russian women come to a New Jersey hospital to receive…