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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



It’s Apple (aapl) Season

I cruised into town around 3:15 am one morning. There in the kitchen sat two bags of apples, courtesy of Benedetto. I would imagine he expected me to make him an apple pie. Maybe after a couple of hours’ sleep, okay? The apples were good choices. The Ginger Gold paper bag was well-beyond half empty,…


Monday Mottoes – #55

“You’re not from around here, are you?” one of Petya’s coworkers asked him. “Not originally,” our almost-18-year-old agreed. “Most of the guys around here don’t like to work. They like getting a paycheck, just not working….” The man was old enough to be his father, and had a 14-year-old son that he wanted Petya to…


Our Girl’s Good News

We’ve been chatting with the kids about summer jobs. Granted, half the summer is over, but still, they can dream. Their ages are 17.5, 17.5, 16, and 13.5, two boys, two girls, all who arrived from Russia at older ages. The first boy is headed to college in the fall, the second boy is entering…


Monday Mottoes – #45

I recall my first-ever summer job. I had just turned 16 and felt that it was time to start earning some shekels. At the time, about the most glamorous position I could imagine was to apprentice myself to an attorney—answering the phone, typing, running papers downtown to court. Going methodically through the phone book, I…


College Acceptance

The communique arrived before dawn in our son’s e-mail inbox. Short and sweet, it read something like this: “Many thanks for sending your application for a place commencing this fall. We have now made you an offer to study with us which has been sent separately to your email address.” The foreign university was well-respected…


You Are Not Alone

The trials of life come to us all at one time or another. Maybe a loved one’s personality has changed for the worse, and they don’t care any more. It could be a life-threatening illness or constant stress. The economy has thrown a wrench into many families’ plans. At times, it can seem like too…


Crazy College Decisions

Our son-the-high-school-senior receives numerous bits and pieces of college advice, much of which comes from online articles sent to his e-mail inbox.  And I have to laugh, because, for the most part it’s all. very. stupid. Here are a few of the gems that students everywhere are supposed to embrace: 1.  Don’t base your college…


Young Daughters of Privilege

With two teen sons and two teen daughters of our own, I gravitate toward other teens and young adults in the news, whether to learn or lament over their “example”.   Currently, two well-publicized daughters spring to mind, the first demonstrating a clear sense of entitlement and the second, almost exactly the opposite. Enter Rachel Canning,…


Where Have All the Americans Gone?

What’s happening to our country when thousands of Americans are renouncing their citizenship?  Yes, I know we generally think of our Russian children coming of age and possibly renouncing their Russian citizenship, but here we are with thousands of Americans doing the same in the last calendar year. Why is that?  Taxes. Some are seeking…


Considering Life Coaching

In addition to my many pursuits and activities, there are those individuals who have been urging me to become a life coach.  Yes, potential paying clients are lining up who have asked me to give them advice in this or that area.  Now, telling people what to do is right up my alley.  The fact…

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