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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Monday Mottoes – #91

Most everyone has dreams. Through the years they may be trampled upon, beaten down, squeezed out, but they were there… or are yet to be… if only you would dare to dream. Sometimes we’ve tried and been disappointed. Maybe others have let us down. Next! Overcome that trepidation, stick to your plan, modify if necessary,…


Connecting Character Traits with Careers

Since we’re on a roll with career counselling in the Bartologimignano household, I thought you might like to hear more. Hold the applause, please. When our kids are stuck and can’t seem to understand what they should be doing—whether past, present or future—I have a new approach. I ask them what they would counsel someone…


Coffee with the Billionaire

It was a number of years ago and both of us were interested in similar projects. I met with Ms. Billionaire at the highrise urban office, large and luxurious. She cordially offered me coffee and surprised me by standing up and going to get it, herself, someone with plenty of staff. Running from other meetings,…


Life of Fred

It’s hysterical, whimsical, delightful and practical. “Life of Fred” is an elementary level math program on steroids with high school language arts, as well. Its entertainment value stems from its eccentricity, written by Stan Schmidt, Ph.D, and his books’ main protagonist, Fred Gauss, born on the western slopes of the Siberian mountains. Professor Schmidt doesn’t…


Talking About Travel is a Trip in Itself

Just because Benedetto and I have traveled the world, our three youngest kids suddenly think they know everything about international travel. My husband was laughing about travel e-mails he receives for low-cost trips to various foreign destinations and how he couldn’t believe some of the affordable prices. “Possible…” I suggested. “The Dollar is higher than…


Your Four Biggest Objections

If you had to list one or two major obstacles to accomplishing what you truly need, want or desire to accomplish in life… what would it be? We all have our excuses, be they legitimate or otherwise. Today, let’s look at four of the most common and how to blast through those roadblocks to your…


ISIS’ Financial Crisis

From the beginning, it was clear that terrorists make terrible financiers. Good at death and destruction, pillaging, raping, and hostage-taking, ISIS didn’t peer far enough into the future to consider that they would need to subsidize their systematic horror. (As a matter of fact, they didn’t have the foresight to consider branding, since they changed…


Monday Mottoes – #84

The longer I live, the more important it becomes to keep things simple. I am used to holding multiple meetings and appointments semi-simultaneously, burning the candle at both ends while burning the midnight oil and multi-tasking in 101 ways. It’s nuts. I maintain calendars that are like transparencies, where layer after layer may be added,…


My Son, the Model

I refer to my second son, long and lean, attractive and not-so-bright. Possibly perfect model material. Friends have mentioned in passing that he would have what it takes. Question is: what does it take? It’s either this, or back to the hot dog stand idea…. Good looks are not enough. Fitting into a 40R might…


Monday Mottoes – #82

Recently, I’ve perused quotes and opinions about balancing the many aspects of life. They range from suggesting we give up before even trying to balance the disparate parts, to encouraging that we give it our best shot because all of it matters so very much. Each of them in some way makes sense to me….

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