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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



You Are Not Alone

The trials of life come to us all at one time or another. Maybe a loved one’s personality has changed for the worse, and they don’t care any more. It could be a life-threatening illness or constant stress. The economy has thrown a wrench into many families’ plans. At times, it can seem like too…


Crazy College Decisions

Our son-the-high-school-senior receives numerous bits and pieces of college advice, much of which comes from online articles sent to his e-mail inbox.  And I have to laugh, because, for the most part it’s all. very. stupid. Here are a few of the gems that students everywhere are supposed to embrace: 1.  Don’t base your college…


Young Daughters of Privilege

With two teen sons and two teen daughters of our own, I gravitate toward other teens and young adults in the news, whether to learn or lament over their “example”.   Currently, two well-publicized daughters spring to mind, the first demonstrating a clear sense of entitlement and the second, almost exactly the opposite. Enter Rachel Canning,…


Where Have All the Americans Gone?

What’s happening to our country when thousands of Americans are renouncing their citizenship?  Yes, I know we generally think of our Russian children coming of age and possibly renouncing their Russian citizenship, but here we are with thousands of Americans doing the same in the last calendar year. Why is that?  Taxes. Some are seeking…


Considering Life Coaching

In addition to my many pursuits and activities, there are those individuals who have been urging me to become a life coach.  Yes, potential paying clients are lining up who have asked me to give them advice in this or that area.  Now, telling people what to do is right up my alley.  The fact…


Alternatives for Out-of-Control Kids-?

The United States needs help in the area of affordable healthcare, however, as many adoptive parents realize, there’s another huge problem lurking underneath the surface, threatening to blow-up as adoptive children reach their teen years.  International adoptions hit their peak about a decade ago.  Many of those kids were adopted as babies or toddlers.  A…


Creative Back Doors into College

Those of us with older internationally-adopted children are often highly-educated.  We sort of expect our kids to follow in those footsteps.  Nothing wrong with working in a fast-food place or on a lawn-mowing crew, it’s just that we never imagined that to be their future. I receive tons of e-mails asking, “Is it possible to…


Ukraine to the Highest Bidder

Following 20 years of independence, and increasing financial woes, Ukraine has to make some decisions.  Unfortunately, the leadership seems to be moving in one direction, while the people press for the other option.  With widespread rioting in the streets, something’s got to give. Will Kyiv align itself with the European Union, not as a full…


Renting With Regional & Religious Restrictions

Renting a vacation home abroad has its challenges.  An owner may request that you water the plants or feed a local cat, that you keep the front gate locked or  don’t pet the horses.  Often, it’s fairly straightforward. In a country such as Israel, there are additional considerations, for instance, kosher laws when it comes…


Miracle Houses

In this economic climate, it’s not every day that you hear good news.  And here I am, personally knowing two different families that have experienced nothing short of miraculous outcomes in the housing area. One couple had never been able to purchase a home of their own.  Their time, money, and energies had been invested…

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