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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Field Trips


A Drive in the Country

Perhaps if you live in the country, you might want to get away to a big city for a change.  For us urbanites, a drive in the country is just the thing. We had sold the kids on a staycation, because the rest of us, namely their two parents, have things to do during spring…


Kids’ Team Sports

I am trying to avoid the high school tennis matches this year.  It’s not that I don’t want to be there for my son, I do, I really do.  But another father recently told me that I couldn’t say, “Good shot,” or anything, or else we might forfeit the match. My son was winning against…


Young Daughters of Privilege

With two teen sons and two teen daughters of our own, I gravitate toward other teens and young adults in the news, whether to learn or lament over their “example”.   Currently, two well-publicized daughters spring to mind, the first demonstrating a clear sense of entitlement and the second, almost exactly the opposite. Enter Rachel Canning,…


A Mid-Winter’s Conservatory

I was meant to live in the nineteenth century on an estate in the English countryside.  During the cold and frigid days of winter, I would resort to my glassed-in, Edwardian, botanical conservatory, where various specimen plants could be arranged for display. The warmth of a hothouse.  The fragrance.  The quiet.  A delight to the…


Mohammed’s Old City Pizza

Almost 40 years ago, Benedetto was a young college student working in Israel for the summer when he stumbled upon Mohammed’s bakery.Cats wandered in and out at will, and characters appeared at all hours of the night, since he often baked while the rest of the neighborhood slept.  It was the perfect place to eat,…


Things We’ve Forgotten at Home

Despite my penchant for lists, lists, and more lists, our crew forgot things at home.  At least, I hope they’re at home. Who knows?  Maybe they fell out somewhere on the way to Israel and there are happy campers in northern Swiss towns or remote Greek islands who benefited. It started early with our boys. “You…


Hospitality in a Holy Land

Our friends want to see us in Jerusalem.  We have many friends and they all want to see us.  We want to see them.  Only we’re bone-tired.  The fresh air, the long hikes, the overload of Biblical history, the museums and ancient artifacts, walls and gates everywhere combine to make us want to head back…


The Scary Suitcase Switch

No, this is not a piece about Halloween.  It’s my real life, which can be scary enough at times.  For several days, I’ve had 3 or 4 suitcases open– packing, packing, packing. No, this is not for the whole family.  It’s for me.  Not to mention various tote bags holding other items of interest to…


Phase I Field Survey

Summoned to undertake an archaeological field survey several hours away in the countryside, my son and I are faced once again with the question of where we might stay for a few days.  We could camp on the huge farm where the team plans to do hundreds of shovel test pits.  Once again, the selling…


Harassing My Children

I live to harass my children.  Though this was never my first intention, I figure, that’s what they do to me, and naturally, I should be so kind as to return the favor…. So here we are, coming up to the end of summer.  Our four have been plugging away at homeschool, and are finally…

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