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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



You’re HOW Old-?! Self-Destructive Behavior

I recently saw a celebrity whom I incorrectly calculated to be much older than she was in actuality. Then I heard her real age. A shock-! It wasn’t only outright wrinkles. It was a variety of influences. But yes, smoking and alcohol were right up there with the rest of the factors. She looked OLD….


Do-It-Yourself MacGyver Mania

Do you remember that 1980s TV series, “MacGyver”? You know, the young guy who worked for the Phoenix Foundation, helping his country and his friends get out of sticky situations? He often employed ingenious inventions created out of practically nothing as he raced against the clock… or a ticking time bomb…. He reminds me a…


Happy Sweetie’s Day-!

Valentine’s Day is here and I hope you can mark the day in a special way! Might be on your own, with a friend or mate. Treat yourself well, you deserve it. On our busy schedule, Benedetto and I made our way to a restaurant just barely opening on a day near Valentine’s. Perfect. Since…


Upset Over… Everything!

It’s amazing the number of people without a life. They look for things to offend and enrage them. They imagine folks wanting to harm them and their sensitivities, rather than simply accepting that we all have different opinions on different subjects and call it a day. That’s what makes the world go round. Different strokes…


Russian Christmas 2018

Russian Christmas, is celebrated each year on January 7th, and particularly the night before— Sochevnik— Christmas Eve. We are not Orthodox, so a lot of the fasting and other details are not foremost in our celebrations. Still, it’s a nod in the direction of Mother Russia. We gather around a tall, white pillar candle —…


On Fruitcakes & Christmas Cookies

My husband, the fruitcake, likes fruitcakes. I think it’s an Italian thing. He enjoys making fruitcakes and has been in high production. Strange thing is, I haven’t even glimpsed the fruitcakes that he and our oldest son baked. He and our two sons hoard them. They keep them in an undisclosed location and insist on…


Love and the Coffee Break

In our family, loving acts often revolve around coffee. Most every morning, Benedetto makes me coffee. Sometimes, we take a mini-date and go out for coffee because our evenings are so packed with events that it’s difficult to embark on a full-fledged date on a regular basis. Small acts of kindness add up. The other…


The Recipe Book

As a fun project, I’m putting together a simple recipe book for a friend. Sort of a starter collection, even though there are tons of fantastic recipe books and websites out there. I must admit that I generally don’t use 3×5 cards, myself. But that’s what made this project kind of fun. I purchased a…


More Quick Comfort Food

I’ve been on my own for a couple of days inbetween shuttling kids here and there. Not the best schedule, but I need to make it work. Without anyone else to presently cook for, I can easily slip into my own bad habits. So I make a conscious effort to cook for myself instead of…


The Problem with Bagels

There’s a problem with bagels? I like them, you like them, how could there be a problem??? By now, most people know that bagels, though appearing healthier than sugar-laden, fried donuts, actually pack about 200 more calories due to their dense nature. That’s hard to stomach, pardon the pun-! About double the calories. Yikes. Add…