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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



What’s Changed in Moscow?

I’ve been asked by many to report more in-depth concerning Moscow. Many adoptive parents have not been there in the past decade when international adoptions began to close. No matter what region you stayed in, most of us had to end up our trip with several days in the capital. Is it the same? Yes…


The Power of Preparation

Half of my life is spent in preparation. No, maybe more. I prep for meetings, and phone calls, and meals, and trips. Most of all for trips. And my whole life is one trip or another. I research airfares, which hotels or apartments are where, how to take a foreign metro when the signs are…


Monday Mottoes – #139

Probably similar to yours, my life is quite complex. Schedules, appointments, family, associates, meals, countries and continents vie for attention. So we co-coordinate, shuffle engagements, hurry up, make it happen. I realized in the early morning hours that I know how to urge someone, “Hurry!” in a good handful of languages. Yet, no matter how…


A Foodie Family

Riding in the car, we took a country drive, in order to go for a walk. Our family does stuff like that: drive to walk. It was close to 5:00 in the afternoon, the weather had turned cold and misty, a nice change from unseasonably hot. One son was ready to leave work, the other…


My Green Power Drink

I’ve heard a lot about green energy drinks, you know, those fruit or veggie potions that do wonders for your body or energy. So I decided to make one of my own, using it as either a meal or snack substitute. Out came the blender, along with some handfuls of spinach and then some fruit….


Scottie Rescued from Raisinets

We don’t have much candy in our home, we truly don’t. But some retired friends pass a few mini-candy bars, or M&Ms, or Milk Duds to our kids on a once/week basis. Yep, let’s pin the crime on the old folks…. Turns out that Misha the Scottish Terrier jumped up and down and finally nudged…


Living the Good Life at Dollar Tree

Even if you’re on a budget, you could be living the good life by shopping at Dollar Tree. Olives, pickles… no caviar, though. Gnocchi, balsamic-style vinegar…. A dozen soft oatmeal cookies the size of your hand, little pecan pinwheels perfect for afternoon tea or a languid brunch…. Turns out that the dollar store is no…


Pizza in Any Form or Any Place

Our kids love pizza. I mean they loooove pizza. There’s probably not a single pizza any of them would dislike. Maybe deep-dish…. Benedetto regals them with talk of potato-and-rosemary-with-olive-oil Roman slices. I try to explain Quattro Stagione’s delights and they all understand how to eat a thin-crust pizza with knife and fork at any self-respecting…


Monday Mottoes – #125

While the blizzard blew up and down the East Coast of the US, we sat with perhaps a tiny shred of guilt with friends by a sunny, beachside restaurant reminiscent of New England, but in appearance only. Sure it was chilly outside, but inside, awash with soothing gray and blue and white decor.  We had…


Snow Prep for DC/ MD/ VA

Snowmageddon is coming, they say.  A blizzard to the US mid-Atlantic East Coast.  Let’s all pray for safety and commonsense (stay home!) for all involved. Meanwhile, make preparations, if you have not, already. Meaning: bread, milk and toilet paper. If the grocery store shelves are already bare in your area (that started around Tuesday… hopefully…