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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Ladies’ Night Out

I understand that guys think we talk about them, but really we don’t. Generally. Usually. When I get together with the gal-pals, we have far too much happening in our own lives to mess with theirs.  It’s a mental health thing. I sipped iced coffee while some other ladies enjoyed a light dinner. And then…


Hidden Calories, Carbs, and Craziness

We have an epidemic of fat people in America. The average citizen now weighs about 20 pounds more than 20 years ago, and if we extrapolate those figures, possibly about 40 pounds more than 40 years ago if you study the stats. Naturally, wanting to be more than a sad statistic, I am trying to…


Out to Dinner with Friends

We’re all busy. Make that crazy, crazy overworked and busy—responsibilities, obligations, deadlines, the tyrrany of the urgent. It’s a big deal when any of us can make time to exercise, or truly relax, or touch base with friends. So we got together with another couple, friends of ours for many years. It was his birthday,…


Simple Summer S’mores

No campout, no grill, but still a hankering for S’mores? It’s hard to resist those tasty graham cracker and chocolate “sandwiches” with a hot, roasted marshmallow slid inbetween layers just to melt the chocolate and add further goo to the great snack. Well, Petya has been dessert-free for some time and he decided one night…


A Family Picnic

With a drive time of less than three hours, our family is able to visit Benedetto’s mother in the farm country outside of Philadelphia. She lives in a lovely assisted-care facility where the caregivers truly care and the grounds are beautiful. As an added benefit, we get to spend a couple of hours with his…


The 8-Hour Diet

Life should be so simple. I had not heard of this diet made popular about a year ago where you eat whatever you want for 8 hours, followed by 16 hours of fasting, and you will lose weight. In my case, I could probably “eat whatever I want” for 1 hour, fast for 23, and…


Favorite Summer Things

Those summertime delights come out to play this time of year, and we might as well recount them now, so that we can savor them—the sooner, the better. The sand between your toes. Calluses effortlessly disappear, and cool contentment reigns while strolling the beach. Well, maybe not too cool depending on the time of day….


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring has sprung and it’s time to plant a garden.  Generally, Benedetto and the children do it, not understanding that I was the original Russian gardener in my childhood.  From what I can fathom, most every Russian gardens.  That’s what dachas are made for, right? Italians, on the other hand, might garden, but they usually…


Waiting for Hamantaschen

So, inquiring minds have wondered as to my lack of hamantaschen posting this year.  Purim happened over the weekend, the holiday commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people from the hand of the Persians.  Hmmm… history repeats itself if you consider Iran and Israel of today. One of the most delightful aspects of the holiday…


Maslenitsa Merrymaking 2014

Blini, blini, and more blini.  Russians everywhere have been celebrating Mas’lenitsa during the past week.  Both a pagan and Orthodox Christian holiday, it includes eating lots of rich pancakes comprised of butter, milk, and eggs.  Of course the American variety is thick and fluffy, and cakelike, whereas the Eastern European type is the lighter blini…

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